10 Questions To Push Your Minimalism Further


Becoming a minimalist can transform our lives.

Intentionally owning less frees us from the confines of consumerism and enables us to focus on what truly matters. And when we devote our entire selves to things we are passionate about, we accomplish more than we ever imagine.

With that in mind, the further we push into minimalism, the more freedom we find. It is possible, of course, to minimize so many possessions that it becomes a burden to the life we want to live. But in most every case that I know personally, the greatest opportunity of life is still found in owning even less.

Especially after the initial purge, there’s often room to dive deeper into the minimalist journey.

If you look around your home and believe there are more possessions that can be removed but are struggling to get there, I wrote this article to help.

Here are 10 thought-provoking questions that can guide you to further refine your relationship with possessions and redefine what’s essential.

1. What Am I Holding Onto Out Of Fear?

Often, we cling to items because of the fear of scarcity, loss, or “just in case” scenarios. Reflect on whether your possessions are safety nets or unnecessary burdens. Also, ask yourself if the physical possession you are keeping is really helping you overcome the fear you hold.

2. Does Everything I Own Align With My Current Values And Goals?

Our lives are continuously evolving, and so do our values and aspirations. Evaluate whether each item in your home supports the life you aspire to live now, not the life you lived in the past. Because if an item isn’t promoting your greatest value and good, it’s distracting from it.

3. How Much Good Could I Do With My Money If I Bought Even Less?

Consider the positive impact your resources could have if redirected from acquiring to contributing. Could buying less mean giving more to causes that resonate with you?

4. Are There Possessions I Keep Purely To Impress Others?

Examine whether your possessions are for your joy and utility or if they serve as trophies for external validation. Authentic living doesn’t require approval. Consider not just symbols of success that you are holding onto, but purchases you made to keep up with current trends and fads.

5. Are There Unused Items That Could Benefit Someone Else Right Now?

Think about items gathering dust in your space that could fulfill a need or bring joy to someone else. Letting go can be an act of generosity. And generosity is WAY more fulfilling than a dusty item on your shelf.

6. Have I Explored Owning Less In Every Area Of My Home?

Challenge yourself to look into spaces you might have overlooked. Sometimes, we unconsciously declare certain areas off-limits to decluttering. Other times, we just get caught up in other things and forget to make progress in every room.

7. Are My Possessions Still Dictating How I Spend My Time?

Assess if cleaning, organizing, or managing your stuff is still consuming more of your time and life than they should. If so, that might be a great sign that there is more progress to be made. And if there is more progress to be made, there is more freedom to be found.

8. Can I Draw Inspiration From Those Living Happily With Less?

Look to examples of individuals or cultures thriving with minimal possessions. What lessons can their contentment and simplicity teach you? And how can their example challenge you?

9. Did I Ever Live Happily With Less Than I Own Now?

Reflect on periods of your life with fewer belongings. Often, we find that our happiest memories are not tied to what we owned but to experiences and relationships. If you owned less and survived just fine in the past, can that fact help you overcome the lifestyle creep that has become your new norm?

10. What’s The Worst That Could Happen If I Let Go Of More?

Confronting this question can demystify the fears associated with letting go. More often than not, we discover the hypothetical losses are far outweighed by the gains in freedom and clarity.

This deeper layer of decluttering is not about removing things from your space but about reclaiming your time, energy, and essence for what’s genuinely enriching. And often requires us to ask the right questions.

I hope these ten help you find the answers you are looking for.

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