19 Simple Ways to Make Time for Quiet in Your Busy Day


Perhaps the most underrated sound in the world today is silence.

In fact, quietness seems to be growing increasingly rare.

Rather than sit in silence, we turn on a streaming service, scroll social media, play a video game, or listen to music through a wireless speaker.

And while there may be some benefit to each of the items on that list, the importance of stillness and silence is often overlooked.

But research tells a different story.

Studies tell us that silence “restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more adaptive and responsive.”

More than that, it provides opportunity to connect with our soul, evaluate direction and motives, and paves the way for a more intentional life.

But how can we find it in a world that is growing increasingly busy?

Let me offer 19 ideas.

19 Ways to Make Time for Quiet in Your Day

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual.

2. Turn off the radio when driving.

3. Take a silent walk during your lunch break.

4. Turn off the noise and practice mindful eating without distractions.

5. Replace some TV or streaming time with silent reflection.

6. Incorporate quiet time into your (and your child’s) bedtime routine.

7. Use your time in the shower for focused reflection.

8. Turn off the music while walking, running, or exercising.

9. Use household chores as opportunities for mindfulness and silence.

10. Spend time out in nature.

11. Intentionally sit quiet every time you close your computer.

12. Schedule a 15-minute dedicated period of silence in your calendar.

13. Dedicate a quiet space at home for silence.

14. Attend a religious/spiritual service that provides opportunity for meditation.

15. Take advantage of unexpected downtime.

16. Cancel one recurring commitment and replace it with solitude.

17. Turn off the podcast.

18. Drink your morning cup of coffee in silence.

19. Communicate with others about the importance of silence in your life and ask for their support.

I realize not every item on this list applies to your unique life. And there are certainly seasons of life when finding quiet time is easier than others.

But often, those seasons of life when silence and quiet reflection is the hardest to find is when it is most needed. Hopefully this list will spark some new ideas for all of us.

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