23 Things to Declutter in 2023


I often use the words minimalism and decluttering interchangeably. They are different, of course, but still connected.

Decluttering focuses on removing surface level possessions. Minimalism helps us discover how little we actually need.

Minimalism is better in my opinion, but almost no one can move toward owning less without some decluttering along the way.

Regardless of what you want to call it or how much progress you want to make, if you are ready to put in some effort decluttering unnecessary possessions from your home, you’ll love the change.

Here are 23 things you can delcutter from your home:

1. Unused or old power cords and chargers

2. Extra hangers that are taking up space

3. Shoes that are worn out or no longer used

4. Old towels and linens

5. Games/Puzzles with missing pieces

6. Old and expired medications

7. Magazines and newspapers that have been read

8. Expired food from fridge or pantry

9. CDs and DVDs

10. Books that you’ve already read and are unlikely to read again

11. Old and expired makeup

12. Broken or outdated jewelry

13. Duplicates of household items, such as scissors or pens

14. Unnecessary paperwork, such as old bills or receipts

15. Outdated, obsolete, or broken electronics

16. Old and worn out pillows, sheets, and towels in your linen closet

17. Cleaning products you no longer use

18. Unused sporting or exercise equipment

19. Old candles that haven’t been used in years

20. Unused pet toys

21. Take-out sauce packets, napkins, and menus

22. Outdated decor items no longer displayed in your home

23. Almost everything in your junk drawer

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task, but it’s also an incredibly liberating experience.

One step at a time, one item at a time from the list above, and you’ll love the change you see in your home.

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