5 Most Inspirational Stories For The Child In You


Indulge in these enchanting tails with your loved ones and explore these pages to find your inner delight. These stories are not just magical. Within their embrace, you will find the sparks of your own imagination waiting to be explored. These gems of stories have wisdom dripping from them like honey syrup, waiting to fulfill your quench! So are you ready to be inspired? 

1. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Oh the Places Youll Go

By Dr. Seuss

In a mischievous world full of creatures and strange features living in a colorful town, there is a character who sets out on an amazing journey. This character sailed through many adventures, conquering all the amazing highs and terrible lows. Sometimes, Its giggle echoed on the top of the highest mountain while other times it found itself stuck in the lowest of valleys with no way out. 

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

But through all the challenges, this character never gave up. It kept moving forward to quench its thirst for exploring. It faced all the twists and turns of life with excitement. Always looking forward to a new day. Do you know why? Because it is understood that life is just an exciting journey that is full of surprises. And if you are brave enough, you will find lots of opportunities just lurking around the corner. This character has no name, because you and me, because it is all of us. 


This story teaches us to be resilient in the face of all challenges. The only key to enjoying life is to never give up on it because life is just an adventure. And great achievements only come to those who have the courage to explore. 

2. The Little Engine That Could 

The Little Engine That Could
The Little Engine That Could

By Watty Piper

In a sunny, colorful world of engines, there lived a tiny blue engine. It was small but it had big dreams! One day, the engines were entrusted with the most important task of the year: To deliver toys to children who live on the other side of the towering mountain. 

“It’s too hard. We can’t do it.” Said all the powerful, bigger engines. They refused to help. But the little engine was different. It believed in itself and knew it could do it. It took a deep breath and stepped forward “I can do it”. All the big engines started making fun of it but Alas, the little blue engine was entrusted with the task. 

The little blue engine showed that believing in yourself can turn ‘I think I can’ into ‘I knew I could

The little blue engine set out on the mountain and with every chug, it said to itself, “I think I can, I think I can.” It didn’t give up and with great effort, it reached the top of the big mountain. The little blue engine delivered all the toys to the children and it was only able to do this because it believed in itself!


Hidden in this story is the wonderful lesson of believing in yourself. If you are determined you can conquer any challenge that comes your way! So with a positive mindset, keep telling yourself, “I think I can.”

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3. The Rainbow Fish 

The Rainbow Fish
The Rainbow Fish

By Marcus Pfister

In the deepest of the oceans, lived a fish called the Rainbow Fish. The fish was extraordinarily beautiful. It had sparkling scales that shimmered like a rainbow. The Rainbow Fish was very proud of its scale and it did not want to share its scales with its fellow fish. Despite being so beautiful, it had no friends! Life was lonely for the Rainbow Fish.

One day, it met a wise octopus. The wise octopus told the fish that we truly feel satisfied in life is only achieved when we begin to share our blessings with the less fortunate. The Rainbow Fish listened very closely. The words of the wise octopus made home in the heart of the wish. All night, the Rainbow Fish couldn’t sleep. It kept tossing and turning, reflecting on its own life. 

It’s good to be happy, but it’s better to bring happiness to others.

From the following day, the Rainbow Fish started sharing its scale with other fish. The Rainbow Fish made many friends that day. It discovered the joy of a true friendship. 


This story teaches us all the true importance of friendship. It also teaches us to share our blessings with the less fortunate and forming connections with others. The true beauty is only found in your ability to share what you have!

4. The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

By Shel Silverstein

Once upon a time, in a quiet quiet forest, there lived a generous tree that deeply loved a little boy. It used to provide shade for the boy to play and rest, apples to eat, and strong branches to take swings on. When the boy grew older, so did his needs. He started to take more and more from the tree. First, he took the leaves, then the branches, and then one day he came to take the trunk. 

And the tree was happy

The tree gave everything it had to the boy it loved, but it was satisfied. Because it had spent its life making the little boy happy!


This tale is heartwrenching but it teaches us important values of life like selflessness. You shouldn’t hesitate to make even a personal sacrifice for your loved ones, because it is all worth it in the end. 

5. The Velveteen Rabbit 

The Velveteen Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit

By Margery Williams

There was a very cozy nursery that was the house of a velveteen rabbit. The velveteen rabbit was a stuffed toy and it was beloved by its owner, the young boy. The young boy cared for the rabbit and loved his toy a lot. He used to share his adventure stories with the rabbit every day and played with it until he couldn’t play anymore. All this love that the velveteen rabbit was receiving from the boy, made it wish to be alive. 

This wish ignited something magical. The rabbit started to change and it became worn out and shabby. Showing signs of use. But even after this transformation, the rabbit felt more alive because the boy continued to love it no matter what. 

Real isn’t how you are made. It’s a thing that happens to you

So through the trials of time, the velveteen rabbit learned that being loved for who you are, with all your flaws, is the most beautiful experience you can have in life. 


This tale conveys the power of true love and the value of staying authentic. Being loved for whoever you are, however, you are, is the only most meaningful form of connection and acceptance in this life.

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