5 Reasons Why You Should not Care What People Say About You


Do you often feel offended by what people say about you? Do you take too personally what people say? Most people do.

We want people to like us, even people whom we don’t know. The craving to be liked is a strong desire.

However, in reality not everyone like everyone.

We dress in a way we believe people will like us, and often do foolish things to be liked, but this does not always work and we then get hurt.

There will always be people who will say something not nice about you, criticize you, or treat you badly. This is part of the human nature, and you too probably behave in this way sometimes.

People love gossip. Most small talk contain some gossip. But let’s be fair, often, it is not done in order to hurt. It’s due to curiosity.

If you take personally what people say about you, you will be unhappy most of the time. That’s foolish. Why should you suffer if someone said something you didn’t like? Forget it and move forward.

You shouldn’t take anything too personally. It’s not worth it. It creates unnecessary stress, inner turmoil and emotional agitation.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care What People Say About You

I would like to point out a few reasons why you shouldn’t dwell on what people say about you. Understanding these reasons would help you stop taking things too personally and worrying about what people say about you.

You hear your friends, family or colleagues talking, and you assume it is about you. However, it could be they are talking about someone else. This wrong assumption happens often, causing resentment, unhappiness and estrangement.

If you keep an open mind, develop self-esteem and confidence, and avoid taking things personally, your life would be happier. You might say it’s next to impossible to behave in this way. However, it become possible if you determine to make it possible.

Let’s now talk about the reasons why you shouldn’t mind what people say about you.

Before we start, let’s point out that if the criticism is justified, you need to learn from it and improve yourself. However, if it is not justified, or you are not sure that what you heard is about you, it’s best to ignore it.

1. People Might not Be Talking About You

You can save yourself a lot of discomfort and anger if you do not jump to conclusions without thinking and being sure first.

You might think they are talking about you, but they might be talking about someone else.

When people criticize someone, or say nasty things, they might be subconsciously talking about themselves. They are referring to their own habits and behavior. They dislike some things about their own life, and they are directing their opinion about themselves toward other people.

Subconsciously, they might be criticizing themselves.

2. What People Say and Think Is Their Own 0pinion

What people say is their own opinion. It is not the opinion of all people. What they think and say most often cannot hurt you, unless you allow it.

These people might not be happy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. They direct their anger and dissatisfaction toward the people around them. Acknowledging this behavior can save you a lot of stress and emotional agitation.

Do you always accept other people’s opinion? No, you don’t, and you do need to accept other people’s opinions about you.

You need to learn to let go and relax, emotionally and mentally.

3. Minding What People Say Can Get You Into Unnecessary Arguments

Caring about what people say about you can create stress, emotional agitation, anger and rash reactions. This can lead to senseless arguments, conformations, and even fights. Do you need that? Of course you don’t!

If you you go into an argument with someone, he or she might say more things about you that you won’t like, and this could lead to more unnecessary anger, resentment arguments and confrontations.

You need to develop a certain degree of emotional detachment to make you immune to the words people say about you.

4. It’s a Waste of Time and Energy

Don’t waste your time and energy on trivial matters.

Thinking and overthinking about assumed hurts, criticism and other people’s opinion about you, agitate your feeling and waste your time and energy, which you could have spent on more important matters.

Often, people repeat in their minds scenarios and words people said, unable to stop this vicious cycle. You shouldn’t allow that. If you do, you are letting others play with your mind and emotions.

It’s like being a puppet on a string. You should become the master of your mind. This might not be easy, but it’s possible with some mental training, and the rewards are great.

5. Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated

Minding too much what people say and think about you, makes it easier for people to manipulate you you make you react and behave in certain ways.

Instead of displaying strength and confidence, you display the opposite when you take personally what people say to you or about you. You allow them to play with your reactions and with your mind.


Be careful with your thoughts and with your reactions. Don’t act like a puppet on a string. You can choose your thoughts and your reactions. You can decide what thoughts to accept, and which one to reject. When you do this, you start living a happier and more peaceful life.

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