5 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Your Business


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When ChatGPT was introduced last year, businesses across all industries seemed to stop and take notice while urgently scrambling to figure out how best to leverage the groundbreaking tech.

For those who are still looking at the AI-powered chatbot with curiosity, there are some tried and true steps that any business leader can take to use it for improved business strategy, streamlined production, and better programming.

From there, a savvy leader can find endless routes toward leveraging the tech for increased profits and improved productivity. In the meantime, here are five tips to use ChatGPT to improve your business.

1. Generate an improved business plan.

Whether you have a business on the rise or one that’s been up and running for a while, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve. ChatGPT is an excellent resource for scouting new ideas and analyzing existing ones.

Is your budget as efficient as it can be? Are your resources allocated in a way that’s well-balanced and most appropriate for your business? Is your five-year plan as robust and thoughtful as possible?

These are all examples of questions that you can ask ChatGPT. Business leaders from around the world have found useful tips and ideas from this exact practice, so anyone who isn’t at least trying is failing to make the most of the resources they have around them.

2. Scale up programming and coding.

ChatGPT is a reputable coding machine. Whether you’re looking for a block of code in a given language to add new functionality to a landing page or a simple line to change the font of a piece of text that’s meant to pop, you can ask ChatGPT to write it for you, which it should be able to do in no time at all.

If you’re concerned about falling into grey areas with ChatGPT, where it can’t produce the exact code you’re looking for, you should start trying. The more you type and troubleshoot with the chatbot, the more it will learn about your specific vision, and the better it will be able to deliver the code you need to achieve it.

3. Increase your content production output.

Content production is key to growing a business in today’s digital age. That’s why the global content marketing industry is worth more than $63 billion. Any business leader trying to keep up in this fast-paced world will likely find themselves struggling to balance budgets and hire enough freelancers to keep up with regular social media production, email output, and blog writing.

ChatGPT can help automate all of the above when prompted correctly. This Introduction to AI: ChatGPT and Midjourney Overview Bundle features insightful breakdowns on how to best leverage ChatGPT to produce content for your business on a regular basis. In theory, once you’ve accomplished a strong and effective workflow with ChatGPT, it could save you countless amounts of money.

4. Pair ChatGPT with other AI technologies.

You’ll notice in the bundle we previously mentioned, which happens to be discounted to just $49.99 (reg. $149) for a limited time only, there are tips and lectures on working with other AI technologies like Midjourney.

By pairing the writing you have ChatGPT do for your business with original images from other AI resources like these, you can create a full-tilt content marketing production machine. Looking beyond generators, you can find a range of AI-powered products like project management platforms and voiceover generators that you can leverage alongside your ChatGPT content.

5. Revise, refresh, and repeat.

The first tip in this breakdown involves having ChatGPT analyze your business. The last tip is to continue that practice into the future. While the markets change and best practices advance, ChatGPT will continue to learn and be able to offer new insights on how to best code a specific function, what the ideal SEO approach to a piece of writing might be, and so on.

In addition to making it a regular practice to run your business plan through ChatGPT, you can also use it to help you and your team figure out how to refresh existing content. Every year or so, for example, you can feed it an old blog post or email and then ask it to optimize the piece for the current day based on best practices that you want to prioritize.

By continuously leaning on ChatGPT’s automation and ideation skills, you can save yourself or your team tons of time and money on human contractors. For small, just-starting-out businesses, it can be the difference between getting your business up on its feet or not.

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