Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon


Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon

By Bernie Ashman and Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW


Commonly asked questions of a client for an astrologer are, “what is my main purpose in life”. Another one is” can you tell me something about my past lives?”.  I have found the best place to begin with is the nodes of the Moon. These are dynamic symbols that give a direct answer to these questions. There is what is called a north node of the Moon and its partner, the south node of the Moon.

The north node of the Moon looks like a pair of headphones in an astrology chart. The south node of the Moon looks like an upside-down pair of headphones. These two magical celestial partners of the sky give important clues as to why we incarnated into the current life. They describe past life patterns each of us has brought into our present incarnation.  

I was recently asked a question about the nodes of the Moon and past lives during a zoom interview for International Astrology Day in Italy on March 21st, 2024. The interviewer asked what I thought was the purpose of past life energies that we bring into the current life. I replied it is important to identify past life themes so we can channel them positively into our life. There can be much creative energy symbolized by our own pair of nodes of the Moon.

It isn’t that the north node is a positive energy, and the south node is negative. They both can guide us into successful partnerships, greater creativity and evolutionary growth. The north node does represent a key theme each of us needs to tune into to maintain a clear sense of purpose. It is a focusing force to push us forward to achieve our goals. The south node does indicate patterns we need to gain clarity about, so we don’t lose our way. But it must be said when we gain clarity about our south node influences, they become empowering allies.

In the following paragraphs the node pairings will be discussed by signs to give a better picture of how the nodes of the Moon function in our lives. To get a more complete understanding and description of your own nodes of the Moon, I encourage you to read the book, Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon written by me and my co-author, astrologer and author, Carmen Turner-Schott.

If you were born with the north node of the Moon in Aries, it shows a need to be decisive in this lifetime. It could be that in some past lives you hesitated to act on your ideas. The universe is giving you a push to trust your thought processes and put them into action. It is probable you need to be patient in your expectations of others. Your south node will be in the opposite sign Libra. It indicates in some past lives you were motivated in a big way to be in relationships. There is a possibility you had artistic talent that can be tapped into in this incarnation. You do need to watch out for trying to be too compromising to be liked. This node combination shows you came here to establish a clear sense of identity and to be willing to listen openly to opposing viewpoints.

If you were born with the North Node in Taurus like me, it indicates you need to establish a stable life. Manifesting your values and sharing them with others is an instinct. Meaningful work is a heartfelt need. Your south node is in the opposite sign Scorpio. It is likely some of your past lives tested your will power. Keeping your emotional intensity balanced kept you more clearly achieving your goals and will do the same for you now. You have a strong desire to follow your passion to pursue your dreams. This node partnership will find you pulling closer to those you trust and learning to stay clear of those negating your happiness.

Being born with the north node in Gemini shows you came with a strong need to let others know your ideas. A desire to chase after your goals in multiple ways is in your DNA. Staying focused comes with practice. Keeping your mind stimulated is a must. You likely detest boredom. Your south node is in the opposite sign Sagittarius. You tended to travel with a restless spirit in past lives that probably has followed you into this incarnation. Fighting for your ideas was a past life passion. It is important to allow others to pursue their own unique life paths. This node pairing will make you dislike being judged for your life choices by those who cannot accept your way of thinking.  

Being born with the north node in Cancer shows you have natural intuitive instincts. Your emotions are a barometer of how you feel about people. You could be depended on for support more than you want unless it is a close friend, lover or family member. Your home must be a place where you can recharge your mind, body and soul. Your south node is in the opposite sign Capricorn. You had a strong work drive in past lives that can be with you in this lifetime. Being a leader came naturally in other lifetimes. In some past lives, you did not always feel comfortable with expressing feelings or your ideas openly. This node alignment will instill a drive to deal courageously with adversity in whatever way it appears.

If you were born with the north node in Leo, it symbolizes a desire to be recognized for your achievements. Your self-expression drive is dynamic. It does show your own ideas are easier to accept if you can let others share the stage with you. You possess a great willpower to make your goals a reality. Believing in the talents of those you love wins you admiration. Your south node is in the opposite sign Aquarius. It is possible in past lives you did not get the attention and support you required. There were past incarnations you were a strong rebel not accepting rules you did not like. An inventive streak has followed you into this lifetime. This node duo indicates you likely were attracted to free-thinking people in previous lives and are this way today! 

If you were born with the north node in Virgo, it is pointing to hard working impulses and an ability to stay organized even when life is demanding. People probably find you dependable and a desire to be thorough in manifesting your skills. You can be a worrier due to your attention to details and the outcomes of certain situations. Learning to relax is essential to your happiness. Your south node is in the opposite sign Pisces. This is pointing to past lives where you had a powerful intuition. You could have shown talent in the arts and healing arenas that are with you in this lifetime. Staying grounded keeps your relationships and goals stabilized. This node combination reveals you have a strong faith in yourself and an inner drive to make your dreams come true.

In conclusion, the nodes of the Moon have a magical presence in our lives. They are a gift from the universe to guide us to make insightful choices and to seek the abundance and love each of us came here to discover!


Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon: Releasing the Past & Embracing the Future will guide you in learning the basics about astrology, the importance of the moon’s nodes in your birth chart, and your soul’s higher purpose.

The Nodes of the Moon serve as your passport to understanding your past lives. This dynamic polarity reveals the best ways to integrate past-life energies into harmony and creative success. Embracing the energy of your north node, for instance, will help you master your soul mission in this lifetime. In Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon, you will be shown how to take the shadow away from your past-life influences and learn ways to channel this powerful energy into alignment with your current life goals. The authors of this book will discuss the nodes that you were born with, and guide you through a customized approach to find the love and success you want to attain. This book will inspire you instantly to put the information to work to fulfill your current life dreams.

Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon by Bernie Ashman and Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW is available from and from wherever books are sold.


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