Athena’s Top 12 Crystals for Healing


Have you ever been curious about crystal healing? You don’t have to be an expert (or have any desire to be) to work with gemstones for healing purposes. Let me say this – if you’re working with crystals today, you’re already a crystal healer. Working with crystals and learning about them is a lifelong journey. Over time, you can learn to use your intuition and knowledge of stones to choose the right gem for the kind of healing and feeling you desire. I wrote this blog: Athena’s Top 12 Crystals for Healing, to share the 12 crystals you cannot be without for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I’d like to encourage you to go through your own gem and mineral collection because I bet you have a couple of these already!

All crystals and minerals have a vibration, energy, and frequency. You can think of them as being alive, because in many ways, they are – they work on an energetic, ethereal level with you and everything in your environment. Every crystal has a unique mineral structure that aligns with sacred geometry, and that structure affects how that crystal works with your specific energy. Gemstones contain hexagonal, tetragonal, isometric, trigonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic, or amorphous inner structures that align with the Platonic Solids, the basic building blocks of life. These structures are echoed throughout nature – even within your body! And they affect the way crystals work on metaphysical levels. All the technical stuff aside, the most important concept behind choosing your stones is your intention, so let’s get started!

Athena’s Top 12 Crystals for Healing

1) Amethyst

Amethyst is one of my favorites – it’s all about connecting with Source and comes from the ancient Greek word amethystos, which means “not drunk.” The ancient Greeks, of course, loved their wine. In their beautiful bacchanalian festivals, they would put a piece of amethyst in their chalice or wine glass because they thought it kept them from getting drunk and would help avoid hangovers the next day.  

Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful detoxifier. If you’re trying to eat better, heal your body, detoxify mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, amethyst will help you clear any unwanted energies. And it restores peace and balance on every level. Also, if you have trouble sleeping, amethyst helps you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep.

2) Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is my partner in magic. Almost more than any other stone – and that’s a huge statement for me to make! It helps me both with the process and the outcome of the work I do. Smoky quartz transforms and transmutes energies. Some say the reason it has its smoky color is that when it was formed, it absorbed and trapped all the negative energies from the world around it. 

Healing with Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a powerful healer – it absorbs the energies the body cannot take or hold on its own. I’ve even seen it help with the side effects of different medical therapies. Smoky quartz also helps to detoxify and removes impurities in the energy field of your home. Keep a piece near your front door. As people come into your home, if they’re carrying a low vibration, smoky quartz will take it and hold onto it.

3) Chlorite

Chlorite is a special stone and one of the best healing gems available today. It carries the healing energy of the Green Ray and resonates with the Heart Chakra. This crystal improves health, invites abundance, and helps to create a healthy energetic flow within the body and spirit. Chlorite is also a prosperity stone and can bring about financial windfall and success.

Healing with Chlorite

Chlorite and bloodstone (which is next on this list) are the two pain relievers of the mineral kingdom. If you’re in physical discomfort, this is your stone. Chlorite also cleanses the body in its entirety; healing body, mind, and spirit. It works on the whole chakra system to remove negative energy and karmic baggage. Negative energy simply cannot exist in its presence.

4) Bloodstone

The ancient Greeks called this gem “bloodstone” because it looks like there are little drops of blood in it – but that’s actually just red jasper. Bloodstone is a combination of red and green jasper, and it’s the other big-time physical pain reliever on this list. It’s also protective and promotes endurance and rejuvenation. 

Healing with Bloodstone

Place bloodstone directly on the area you’re experiencing any kind of pain for relief. I recommend this gemstone to endurance athletes, to prevent injury and maintain comfort in the body while engaging in any kind of physical activity. Bloodstone will be your ally in difficult times and it also facilitates better circulation.

5) Sugilite

Next up, here’s a master healer crystal you may not have heard of. Sugilite is a very rare crystal that comes from South Africa and grows with manganese, which is a healing mineral too. That’s how they discovered it, they were mining for manganese and discovered sugilite! It’s developed a reputation as a stone that heals conditions of the central nervous system.

Healing with Sugilite

Sugilite is one of the most important crystals to work with for anti-inflammation medicine, which is how I discovered it. It’s a master healer of pain, is detoxifying, and brings cellular renewal. Sugilite raises your vibration to counteract illness and also assists in physical recovery. It’s a cleansing crystal that supports the immune system, soothes frayed nerves and the central nervous system, and prevents disease.

6) Blue Green Kyanite

One of the first crystals I worked with on my healing journey, which began over 10 years ago, was blue green kyanite. This stone comes to us from Pakistan – there’s this incredible vein of blue and green kyanite together that runs along the Pakistani/Afghan border. The combination of these gems makes for a powerful stone of alignment and healing. 

Healing with Blue Green Kyanite

Blue kyanite is the best stone for balance – it’s particularly helpful if you experience vertigo or get dizzy. And green kyanite is a master healer of the body systems including the hormonal or endocrine system. If you just hold blue green kyanite between your hands in a prayer pose, it will call your entire energetic system into a deeper state of alignment. It also elevates the level of good vibrations in your energy field.

7) Chrysoprase 

Now for some heart-healing stones. First up, chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is like a gemstone Band-Aid for the hurting heart and it’s an extraordinary emotional healer. Has someone hurt you? Disappointed you? Left you or made you leave? So many of us walk through life with pain that takes time, patience, and great care to heal. Chrysoprase speeds that process in a way that even rose quartz can’t!

Healing with Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase heals the physical heart too, so if you have cardiac challenges this is a good stone for you. It’s a gem that’s perfect for healing very old trauma (even lineage or karmic wounds). Chrysoprase is great at moving the energy stored in your body that’s not from this lifetime!

8) Rhodochrosite

If you’ve had a recent heartbreak, where your heart just needs to be held, the most tender of all the heart-healing stones is rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite is known as the Rose Stone, it’s a beautiful bubblegum pink, and it helps heal heartbreak that’s happened in the recent past.

Healing with Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite inspires self-love and helps you to be kind and gentle with yourself and with others. It brings balance and eases low-frequency emotions. It’s this balance that makes it so powerful in love – this gem helps you feel loved when you feel alone, improves self-worth, and comforts as it heals.

9) Prehnite

If you’re a healer, and you help heal other healers, there’s a crystal for you – it’s prehnite. Prehnite holds you as you hold others, and reminds you that you, too, need healing and self-care. It also helps stabilize the flow of energy in the body, reducing anxious energy.

Healing with Prehnite

If you’re an empath, prehnite helps you heal people without taking on their challenges as your own. It protects your energy field as you do your healing work, which is really important for all of us. Prehnite is especially good for Reiki practitioners, lightworkers, bodyworkers, or anyone interacting with clients. 

10) Malachite

Malachite is the most potent stone of feminine healing. It’s also known as the Doula Stone or the Pushing Stone and has a reputation for easing labor pain during delivery. In addition, its magic has been used for thousands of years, all the way back to biblical times, to stimulate life force and absorb pollutants from the atmosphere, aura, and physical body.

Healing with Malachite

Malachite is a healer of the Divine Feminine and the female reproductive system. It’s a stone I think every woman should have in her collection. Malachite’s also associated with EMF protection and creates an energetic barrier around you to keep lower vibration frequencies away. With all the technology around these days, I say “bring on the malachite!”

11) Green Apophyllite

If you’re trying to create healing space, in your home or wherever you do your healing work, one of my favorite stones is green apophyllite. Green apophyllite is a member of the Zeolite family, and it can be a tricky one to find. Apophyllite is a fairly new gem discovery from the nineteenth century and, fun fact, most green apophyllite is found in India.

Healing with Green Apophyllite 

Green apophyllite also has pain-relieving properties and a lot of my clients prefer it over bloodstone. It offers a sweet, gentle energy, but you might try both this and bloodstone (couldn’t hurt). It’s also a perfect stone to keep in your bedroom. Some crystals make it difficult to sleep, but green apophyllite (and amethyst) will help you get a good night’s rest. 

12) Lepidolite

My all-time favorite stone for mental healing is lepidolite. If you struggle with anxious feelings or tension, this is your gem. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It’s got this soothing essence that brings balance and mental and emotional relief when you find yourself faced with the inevitable stress of life.

Healing with Lepidolite

Lepidolite lightens the mood, regulates emotions, and has a calming, relaxing, and easing effect. It also works really well with children. Lepidolite forms an energetic barrier against negativity, dissipating it, and gently nudges you into a space of balance and harmonious action. Lepidolite is a stone of serenity that helps you perceive problems as opportunities for growth. 

Final Thoughts

You can make working with crystals as sophisticated or simple as you’re comfortable with. You can simply hold the gem in your hands or apply it directly to your body, or to the area or chakra where you’re experiencing pain or discomfort. You can heal with crystal grids, arranging crystals in your space or on your body for a more powerful experience. You can also work with wands and extractors – crystals that have been carved into shapes to move, remove, or channel energy.

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of wholeness in every area of their lives. There’s a crystal for any kind of healing you might require – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As you raise your own vibration, you’ll get more in touch with, and be more readily able to use, your own intuition as a guide to choose the right crystals for you. Amen, A’ho, So it is. 

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