Becoming the Lotus: The Empath’s Path from Victim to Healer


By Kaliyani ~ All rights reserved.

Becoming an empowered healing empath requires a certain level of hard-learned skills to shield from the proverbial  exploitation of others less awakened in their hearts. However, by the time the empath has realized the end of a karmic contract, they will often also realize that they have over-extended their giving, sometimes even turning a blind eye to attempted and sometimes successful material appropriation and/or the usurping of their power/light.

The Brighter their light shines, the more it works as mirrors to others that reflects back what others may not yet have conquered within themselves and their shadows are revealed. Such reflection is often not easily received but is necessary for growth. The composure, or lack there of, with which each individual soul deals with such reflection is a great sign-post indicating the shorter or the longer path to awakening their hearts they may have chosen to take.

Often an empath chooses a certain dose of solitude which is often mistaken for vulnerability when in fact it is wisdom.  Empaths are portals who receive and deliver unmatched awakening experiences, which in turn requires them to be conserving of their energy. They are Earth angels volunteering to help human evolution and yet they invariably find the harsh reality of the general Earth consciousness extremely toxic and difficult to bear.

Given the task, and the erasure of akashic mission memories for almost all souls upon descending, the hardest and most seemingly unfair situations have to be experienced in order to awaken them to realize where they have landed. When the empath understands this concept they begin to thrive in experiencing the soul contracts at a much lower cost and time frame for an easier healing experience for all.  

As an empath, it is fundamental to look at these difficult experiences not as unfair, but as a necessary learning to prepare one for even greater accomplishments as a light bringer. Being fragile and feeling victimized will not make an empath a strong wielder of their light “sword”.  

If you are an empath and you have felt the weight of the world on your shoulders and have felt often taken advantage of, or betrayed, please know it is a sign-post from the Universe to awaken and strengthen your understanding and compassion so you can handle your light with greater ease and be the harborer of ever more positive change. Most of all you’ll be empowered to more clearly deliver the message that your kindness is not to be confused with weakness thus facilitating greater healing outcomes.

An empath is a precious starSEED cast in this earthy mud only to rise and bloom as a beautiful lotus over the waters of life in order to receive the highest light… and Sun star kisses from the Universe.

By Kaliyani ~ All rights reserved.


Kaliyani (aka Jane Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary. As producer, artist and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media, she hopes to inspire humanity though offering alternative visions, information and empowering tools for self, as well as for global soul transformation. It is Kaliyani’s dream to offer her Self as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She says her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.

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