Can Active Writing Help Heal After the Death of a Beloved Son?


By Cynthia Girman

Seven months ago, I had the astonishing experience of reconnecting with my son spiritually through active writing and transcendental conversations, and we co-wrote a book. 

I’ll never forget the night of October 22, 2021. Sirens blaring. The police and firemen crowding around a stark dead-bolted apartment door. My distraught husband was stifling tears as best he could. I was at home two hours away, holding my iPhone tightly, more frightened than I’d ever been.

Firemen broke the lock. Police entered and came back too soon. 

“He’s gone, sir”. The most devastating words any parent can hear. I received the phone call minutes later, and those words meant something totally different to me. 

I asked “Where did he go? How did he get out with the door bolted?” 

 “No, he’s gone, not with us. He’s deceased,” replied my husband. I wailed like a wild animal. Shock set in and stayed for days, then for months. Our sweet 22-year-old son was gone.

My anxiety soared with constant worry and agonizing questions: “Is he ok? Is he lost? Is anyone watching out for him? Is he by himself?” Our son had high functioning autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and always felt different from others. We had always worried about him. His need for his own space and withdrawal from others kept him from an active social life. His isolation during the last few years of his life, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, led to a friendship with drugs. His death though came about not from street drugs, but from toxicity due to kratom, available in vape shops and not regulated by the FDA.

In February 2022, the questions and some unique circumstances led us to a medium session via video call. The medium assured us that our son Alec was not only fine, but that he was surrounded by love and in bliss. Our deceased parents came through and said they were trying to bring in Alec. After we were sure it was him, Alec told us that his life this time played out exactly as it was intended with a short life and the experiences he had. After that call, I felt like I took my first full breath in months.

It wasn’t until around the time of the first death anniversary that I sought another medium to connect with him. I was still in profound grief. . I had been toying with writing a book about our grief journey. During that medium session, Spirit and the medium strongly suggested that I write the book through Alec’s voice, describing his journey. Further, it was suggested that I write it in six weeks!

The medium gave me pointers on how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. “Sit down with a glass of water, between 4:00 and 6:00 am, with the full intention of writing with Alec. Put a plea in to your spirit guide and his, to help guide you in your writing and let the words flow to the page.”

That Saturday, I awoke at 5:30 am, despite not being an early riser. I tried to go back to sleep, but the word ‘pen’ popped into my head, strong and clear. I shut my eyes and snuggled into my pillow, but there it was again – ‘pen’ in my head like it was imprinted on my brain. So I got out of bed and sat down at the dining table with the pen and brand-new notebook I’d left there for this purpose. As I held my pen over the page, I wondered if Alec would help me write today. I pushed the thought aside and said to myself “I know Alec is going to help me write. I can’t wait to see what he communicates to me.”

My pen started flowing. It wasn’t like it was being moved by another force nor was I hearing Alec’s voice, but the words and emotions popped into my mind, and I wrote them down. Alec woke up in the spiritual realm to such bright beauty and light, like a train light except swirling with uneven edges and dark shadows around the light. It was like fire only not burning and he was drawn to it as the ultimate energy. 

He was immersed in feelings of total acceptance and love, and completely free of negative feelings like not fitting in. He was drifting suspended in air, like riding ocean waves but he wasn’t in water. He moved easily by thought. As he was absorbing the love and light, he saw numerous small orb-like lights approaching him. He wasn’t scared and as they got closer, he recognized the emotions and souls of relatives that loved him. They surrounded him and warmly welcomed him, before guiding him along one specific path of a seemingly infinite number of paths. Along the path, he was submerged completely in light, to cleanse his spirit of the emotional intensity and feelings of his recent life so that he could more objectively review it with his spirit guide. Together, they studied the many choices Alec had made in his short life, and what would have happened if each choice had been different. They then assessed what he had learned and whether it was all that had been intended.

This was an astonishing experience for me, as a mother and as someone who had never had a psychic experience. Over eight weeks, I woke up early and wrote with my deceased son. 

Alec shared insights well beyond what we have learned from near-death experiences. He described exploring universes and what is taught in their school in the afterlife. He unveiled breathtaking images of his views of heaven, its many different dimensions, the role that spirits play and even what is done for leisure. He also revealed what our purpose is supposed to be as humans living a physical life on earth.

Imagine understanding what your intended purpose is while you are still living, so you can do something about it.

This entire experience is chronicled through captivating and heartfelt transcendental conversations in a book co-written by Alexander Girman and me, available on amazon and from anywhere books are sold. Readers can glimpse heaven and its enduring love, one page at a time. ‘A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife’ also shares personal details of my own grief journey after Alec’s tragic and unexpected drug-related death, and of Alec’s struggles with addiction.

Early readers have commended the book for its profound insights and emotional impact on readers of all backgrounds. In particular, its themes on the fear of dying and the loss of a close loved one strikes a chord with many. One reader described “mind-blowing revelations that transcend what we know of spirituality.” The book makes readers ponder not only spirituality, but many different revelations that are unveiled, as well as their true purpose. We truly hope this book will help those in deep grief, those who fear dying and those curious about the afterlife beyond the tunnel of light.

My husband and I now have a newfound interest in spirituality. We are also keen on doing whatever we can to help combat the addiction crisis plaguing this country, so that others do not have to experience what we did. We have donated funding for researchers of a potentially more effective non-pharmaceutical technological treatment for addiction. In addition, 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to further research on more effective treatments for addiction. 

Watch the 55-second book trailer video on YouTube or the official website. Read the first chapter with Amazon’s Read Sample.

 About the author: Cynthia Girman is an epidemiologist/biostatistician and founder of consulting firm, now turned book author after an astounding spiritual connection with her deceased son and learning about his journey and role in the afterlife. 

Cynthia (Cindy) J Girman



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