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Awareness To Your Inner World: The Window To Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is like a gigantic computer analyzing every bit of data it receives. If we are unaware of what our programs are in our subconscious mind we act, react, and walk around life repeating our past experiences over and over. If the subconscious mind is in the driver seat and you have little to nothing to say in the backseat, life can feel like you are driven without having control. It can create stress, anxiety and unease.

Awareness of your inner world, observing your thoughts and feelings regularly is the first step to change your life. You will recognize that instead of sitting in the backseat watching your past experiences taking over, you can switch positions and sit in the front seat. By actively doing your inner work you can be the driver on your journey and the destination is your call.

It All Begins With You

Every change begins with the decision to create a change. You need to decide that you are going to create a change. If you keep resisting your outer world and you repeat the same inner world patterns, everything in the outer world will remain the same. If you keep thinking and doing things you do not enjoy, if you repeat negative thought patterns within you, it must manifest in the outer world, according to the law of balance. You cannot force it away without changing your inner world. As an example, think of a house and you are sitting in your living room feeling very hungry. It has been hours and your hunger is getting more intense now. You are sitting on your couch, watching tv, but all you can think about is food. You can complain all you want, you can visualize food all you want, but unless you get up, walk to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat, you do not have the food. The food is within your own house. You just need to change the room. Another example is when you are listening to music on the radio. Let’s say you are listening to the 90s station but you would like to listen to classical music. You have the power to do so but only by tuning to the station of a different frequency. You need to make a change in order to receive what you want.

How To Change Your Inner World

Now that we understand that we need a change and that this change needs to come from within, let us find some way how to do this. The key is to remember that the change comes from your inner world, your thoughts, feelings and your energy in general. Personally, I do my best to keep my inner energy to the highest frequency most of the time. This is not to ignore anything that is upsetting in my life, in fact, it is to shed light on how I can transition difficult situations into opportunities to learn from and grow. If you can practice mindfulness throughout your day, you will see a shift in your inner world very soon. Examples of things that can support you from shifting to higher frequencies are listening to inspirational music or talks, reading your favorite book, walking in nature, meditating, playing with your pet, or making time for yourself. It can be as simple as wearing your most comfortable sweater or socks. You can start with anything that brings you joy and peace. I go into more details and examples in my post: How To Effortlessly Stay Mindful In Your Busy Day. There are many ways to do this and I am simply listing out a few here. If you are interested in more ideas, Tara Judson Stariell mentions a few great ways to do this in her article: “Paradigm Shifting Emotions Towards Peace Of Mind”, and Noelle Sterne in “You Create Your Life”.

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