Choosing Simplicity in a World Obsessed with More


In a world where the culture of selfish hustle is celebrated, and everybody seems to be constantly chasing the next big paycheck or luxury item, I find myself pondering an important question, “What if I just want to live a simple life?”

Surely, I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the relentless push for profit—longing instead for a more selfless, purpose-filled existence.

Every time I open social media, I’m greeted with images of people flaunting their latest high-end purchases or announcing another career milestone or business financial success.

The message seems clear: bigger is always better, and you’re falling behind if you’re not perpetually reaching for more. But what if my desires lean towards less rather than more?

The never-ending race to upgrade everything in our lives—from our homes and gadgets to our job titles—feels utterly exhausting.

With each new version of a smartphone, the previous one becomes outdated. With every large home, there’s a significant mortgage attached.

And with every step up the career ladder, there’s often less time for family, more stress, and a deeper sense of being caught in an unending cycle of pursuit.

Here’s my thought today: I have no interest in competing with other people.

And I don’t want to trade my peace and passion for a lifestyle dictated by this world.

When did life turn into a consumerist rat race anyway? And why is choosing a different path seen as being so unconventional?

There’s something incredibly appealing about the simpler aspects of life, aspects often overlooked in the hustle of modern living.

Imagine waking up to a deliberate morning routine, enjoying a book just for the adventure, or planning your evening around long walks and meaningful conversations with a loved one.

These simple joys—why do we seem so ready to exchange them for merely temporal achievements?

My idea of a fulfilling life isn’t packed with luxury brands, flashy cars, or zeroes at the end of my bank account. Instead, it’s filled with selfless moments that fill my heart and life with purpose and joy.

It’s about connecting deeply, growing in faith, finding peace, and experiencing a genuine joy that transcends circumstances.

I find meaning in simplifying not just my physical space, but my entire life. Because by releasing the grip of society’s expectations, I make room for what genuinely matters.

I dream of days not lost to mindless hustle but cherishing each moment with intention and thoughtfulness. I find great satisfaction in living according to my values, not those dictated by the latest trends or public consensus.

Ambition is not inherently bad, nor is the desire to provide for our families. Just the opposite, they are vitally important. But in the seemingly relentless push for more, let’s not lose sight of the beauty of contentment.

There is unparalleled joy in recognizing and valuing the simplicity of life.

While the world may define success by material achievements, let’s discover a wealth that transcends financial prosperity.

So, as society continues its rapid pace, I choose to slow down. To savor the now. To embrace simplicity. To define success on my own terms.

Ultimately, what I desire is a simple, meaningful life. And I hope, deeply hope, that the world can see this as a deliberate choice, not a concession.

Because the more they do, the more they will choose it as well.

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