Crystal Creed: A beginner’s guide to learning the sacred healing powers of crystals.


Crystal Creed: by Jamie Inglett (

A beginner’s guide to learning the sacred healing powers of crystals.

Humans have been enchanted with crystals for thousands of years. From the first civilizations to modern day crystal healing, crystals play a huge role on our planet. Crystals contain the secret ancient healing knowledge of our ancestors, guiding us to find empowerment and embrace our power to heal. As our planet is expanding its consciousness as a collective, crystals are at the forefront of this global spiritual awakening. Crystals have been used for healing and in spiritual practice since ancient times. 

When you work with crystals, a part of you will awaken that you may not have ever experienced before. As you progress on your journey with crystals you will believe in the Crystal Creed after seeing healing, growth and abundance filling your life. The Crystal Creed is a unifying belief in the sacred power of crystals. Crystals are the key to unlock your spiritual gifts and power to manifest. Crystals empower us to create magic, healing, and positive change in the world with their sacred geometric structure containing the language of the universe. 

If you’re reading this book, you are intrigued by crystals. Maybe you noticed a friend or coworker with an Amethyst on their desk or in their home or maybe they even wear beautiful crystal bracelets. Or maybe you have already started your crystal collection and are looking to expand your knowledge on how to use crystals. As you may be just discovering crystals for the first time, it may seem really intimidating because there are so many crystals, properties, how to use them and feel their energy. . . Remember to be patient with yourself on your healing journey. Over time, your intuition will guide you to know the right crystals to work with and how to use them. I’m so excited to share everything I have learned on my spiritual healing journey with crystals that I began over 10 years ago. You will find everything you need to know to get started in this book.

Your journey with crystals will transform and change your life, guiding you to find your purpose and live authentically. Before you begin to work with crystals, it’s important to have some background on what a crystal is, how it’s formed and why crystals work for healing. Although energy healing is becoming more accepted, there could still be some people in your life that do not believe crystals can work for healing and may be skeptical or not support your decision to work with crystals. Once you finish reading this book, you know how to use crystals for healing, unlock your intuitive gifts and manifest your dreams. In my experience, the top two reasons people are judgmental about crystal healing are 1) religious reasons (we will discuss this in the Crystal Healing throughout History section in this chapter) and 2) concern about holistic vs. traditional medicine. The second concern is very easy to dismiss. Crystal healing is NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment from a healthcare provider. Crystal healing for physical/emotional/spiritual purposes is meant to complement treatment from a professional doctor or licensed therapist. Please consult a healthcare professional or licensed therapist with any healthcare concerns.

Crystal Terminology

Often those who believe in the Crystal Creed use the terms crystal and stones interchangeably, however, for some materials these may not be the technical terms. There are some materials that many refer to as crystals or minerals that are technically neither one. Black Obsidian is not a mineral nor a crystal because its atoms are not organized in a perfect geometric pattern, it’s technically a glass. Let’s explore the scientific definitions. 

Crystal: Inorganic solid material with a fixed, repeating molecular structure. Each crystal has a unique molecular pattern. If you compare a Diamond to Graphite, you will notice they are both made solely of the element Carbon, but the difference between the two is the molecular structure (meaning how its ions are arranged).

Fossil: Preserved remains or impression of a once-­ living organism, often found in a rock or stone.

Gemstone: A mineral or crystal in cut and polished form, used in jewelry or adornments.

Mineral: Inorganic, naturally occurring substances that have orderly crystalline structures and a definite chemical composition that allows slight variation. Minerals form crystals but not all crystals are minerals (if they are organic like sugars and proteins or are man-­ made like synthetic substances used in nanotechnology). Most minerals are compounds of two or more elements, however, as you can see with our comparison of Diamond and Graphite above this is not always the case.

Rock: Solid mass of minerals or mineraloid matter. Most rocks are combinations of several minerals.

Stone: Crystal, gemstone, mineral or rock (except metallic minerals). Often used as a blanket term like crystal, to describe others not fitting the actual definition.

Tektite: Natural glass formed during meteorite impacts. Can be black, green, brown, or gray.

Clear as obsidian, right? I’m kidding. It’s not imperative to your crystal healing journey to memorize these terms. I believe it’s important to become familiar with the terms if you plan to do healing work on clients because it will increase your confidence, and if you’re like me, I want to become an expert in my work and things I am passionate about.

How Are Crystals Formed?

Crystals can form through many different processes; three frequent processes are crystallization of molten rock, precipitation of mineral matter, and mineral matter deposition from a biological process. For example, Amethyst is formed when concentrated silicon dioxide (SiO2) containing trace amounts of iron gets trapped in a bubble of lava in the Earth’s crust. As the water begins to evaporate, the silicon and oxygen ions arrange in a specific pattern which creates an Amethyst crystal. The trace amounts of iron are what makes Amethyst purple. Over time six-­ sided pyramids (rhombohedrons) of amethyst crystals form with shades ranging from light to deep purple depending on the levels of iron present.


Crystal Creed is the ultimate resource for crystal healing. From how crystals are formed to crystal grids, Crystal Creed covers everything a beginner needs to know for beginning their crystal healing journey. For most people, the start of the crystal journey is intimidating. In Crystal Creed, author Jamie Inglett teaches its readers all they need to know to practice crystal healing and discover their intuitive powers. Within each of us there are spiritual gifts waiting for us to realize them. Crystal Creed aims to help its readers unlock their spiritual gifts with crystals and to manifest their dream lives. With more than 100 crystals and their original full color photos, as well as their healing properties and practical applications, Crystal Creed is the only resource a beginner needs on their healing journey.

Crystal Creed by Jamie Inglett is available from or from wherever books are sold.


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