Cultivate the Magic in Children through Crystals and Mindfulness


This planet is truly a magical place and houses many worlds within it, waiting to be discovered and uncovered. As children, we’re way more open to those worlds although it may not be fostered or even encouraged by the adults in our lives who have forgotten the splendor that awaits in each tree branch, speckle of dirt and dust, and stone. If you’re a parent, you might remember that time of life when the imagination roamed wild and free, where curiosity inspired every choice, and a deep sense of play was the order of the day. If you’re lucky, you probably have preserved a bit of that magic as you grew into an adult, not completely trading your tiara, glitter, and invisible capes for suits, a bun, and pantyhose. If you’re a parent or even a guardian to a child in some way, I believe a huge part of your responsibility to him or her is to maintain, as long as you can, that sense of childlike wonder and playfulness. I believe we have a duty to foster and encourage the imagination and ensure that the little people in our lives never forget the magic in the world and more importantly, the magic in themselves. There are many ways to do this and what I’ve found most helpful is exposing children to crystals at an early age. This has become one of my missions in life: To cultivate the magic in children through crystals and mindfulness.

Children are wise and come to this plane very aware of what they know. They only need a channel to communicate through and crystals assist with that. Crystals help return the wisdom we forgot; they activate the dormant knowledge within and in this way are like mirrors, revealing more of us to us. Working with crystals connects children to their innate wisdom. Just as crystals awaken that knowing and serve as a means of communication for our children, our children often awaken something in us that was dormant. They awaken us to our magic. Most of adulting is an attempt to get back to that youthful, playful energy, which is something our children teach us just by being (their presence). In many ways, our children are ahead of us. I’m reminded that children are not just our children; they are unique, sovereign beings who, like the rest of us, are remembering who they are and what they already know. It’s the awakening that is most important. We assist in that awakening by simply allowing children to experiment, play, and find out what feels good to them. We are meant to be a conduit for our children’s awakening, not an inhibitor of it.

In working with crystals extensively over the years and having two little people of my own, I’ve had a chance to see what works in supporting their journeys. The ages of 0 to 5 years old are critical years in your child’s unfolding. They’re learning right from wrong and it’s during this time that their Root Chakra is being developed. As a parent or guardian, our job is to ensure that their basic needs are met, they have a roof over their heads, clothing, food to eat, and other essentials. We are to ensure that they are safe and supported. From ages 5 to puberty, children are developing their creativity and how to express it in the world. They’re developing their Sacral Chakra. And it’s when children are typically introduced to Legos that I feel is a good time to introduce them to crystals and sacred space. A good rule of thumb is to start with crystals that they can’t put in their mouths.

Below are 4 tips I’ve compiled while supporting my children in their journeys of discovery, crystal magic, play, and more.

1) Learn to trust your child’s wisdom by asking what they like

As I shared earlier, children arrive here knowing what they know and knowing what they want. A part of our job as parents is to help them remember and to foster an environment that’s safe for them to express what they like and want without judgment and ridicule. When I began to introduce my kids to crystals and creating sacred space, I didn’t teach them what to do. I allowed them to observe me and become curious about what I was doing. In this way, I witnessed them instead of teaching them. I asked them what they liked and they were able to express to me which crystals felt good to them. I didn’t impose my agenda on them; I allowed them to show and communicate to me what resonated with them. This not only provides a firm foundation for them (Root Chakra) but also empowers them in speaking up and stating their truth, which supports and helps to develop a healthy Throat Chakra.

2) Remember to keep it simple and go slow

Sometimes in our excitement to share and introduce our practices to our children, we bombard them with too much at one time. We can be quick to overload them with essential oils, crystals, and other practices that if not introduced in increments, will zap the fun out of it all. The magic disappears when you take anything too seriously. To avoid this, take your time and gage when to introduce another practice based on your child’s enthusiasm and interest. If they’re more inclined to work with crystals, let them keep working with crystals until they show you they’re ready for something else. Remember, witness them more and focus less on teaching.

3) Teach by doing, they will believe you more

We’ve all heard the adage, “actions speak louder than words” and this is especially true when it comes to our children. We can tell them a million times to do things one way, or to not do this or that, but they’re learning more from the actions we do and do not take. If you’re saying one thing and your actions reflect something different, which do you think your child will trust? You got it: The action. So if you want your little person to learn something, model it for him or her first through your actions and behavior. Trust me, your children are watching and listening and learning even when you don’t think they are.

4) Ask yourself and your child, “Where are you right now?”

A good practice to cultivate that helps with mindfulness and being present is to check in with yourself and your child by asking: “Where are you right now?” Mindfulness isn’t just where your body is, it’s where your mind is. Even when we think we’re in the moment, we’re usually off in our minds somewhere else. Your children are likely thinking about what their friends said, stressing about an upcoming test, or worrying about how much everyone likes them. Feeling anxious or nervous about something usually indicates that we’re thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet. If we feel sad or regret, it’s likely because we’re mulling over something that happened in the past. In both instances, we’re not in this moment, which is where all the magic is. And, if we took the time to be here now, we’d see that right now isn’t bad at all. Emotions are like waves – they come and they go. It’s OK to feel all the feelings; how we work with ourselves and our children in managing it is what we have control over. By asking your children “where are you right now?” and following it up with mindful breathing practices and even aromatherapy, you help them come back to and ground in the beauty of the present moment.

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