Discover the 2024 Franchise 500’s Top Pet Franchises


In a world where our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, the pet industry continues to flourish, offering a diverse range of services and products to cater to their needs. From grooming and boarding to training and retail, pet franchises represent an exciting sector within the business world. After all, pets are present in nearly 70% of U.S. homes.

Whether you’re a pet lover looking to turn your passion into a business or an investor seeking a rewarding opportunity, these top-ranking pet franchises offer a promising avenue for success in the dynamic world of pet care. Explore the top pet franchises of 2024, according to the 2024 Franchise 500 Ranking.

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1. Pet Supplies Plus

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 21
  • Founded: 1987
  • Franchising since: 1990
  • Number of units: 703
  • Change in units: +39.5% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $448K-$1.9M
  • Leadership: Chris Rowland, President & CEO
  • Parent company: Franchise Group Inc.

Considering a Pet Supplies Plus franchise could fulfill your dream of owning a business while leveraging an established brand. With more than 30 years of industry leadership, Pet Supplies Plus has expanded to more than 700 stores, offering a diverse range of services including pet food, grooming and adoptions. The franchise experienced substantial sales growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting its resilience and appeal within the $20 billion pet supply industry.

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2. Dogtopia

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 69
  • Founded: 2002
  • Franchising since: 2005
  • Number of units: 244
  • Change in units: +74.3% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $780K-$1.5M
  • Leadership: Neil Gill, CEO
  • Parent company: Dogtopia Enterprises LLC

Dogtopia, established in 2002 and franchising since 2005, offers a distinct business opportunity by prioritizing quality, transparency and safety in pet care services. Across more than 240 locations, Dogtopia focuses on educating, exercising and socializing pets in a secure environment while providing various services like daycare, grooming and training, with remote access for pet owners via web cameras. Prospective Dogtopia franchisees should carefully consider financial requirements, including franchise fees, initial investments and meeting set net worth and liquid capital criteria.

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3. Dog Training Elite

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 146
  • Founded: 1995
  • Franchising since: 2015
  • Number of units: 317
  • Change in units: +476.4% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $159K-$186K
  • Leadership: Mark Mestas, Interim CEO
  • Parent company: Dog Training Elite Franchising

In 1976, John Mestas transitioned from a dog training employee to an entrepreneur by establishing his first business, Arrow Kennels. By 1980, he assumed the role of professional training director, and in 1995, he launched Dog Training Elite to extend these services to the public.

With more than 300 locations, Dog Training Elite provides various training programs, including service dog training and therapy animal training. A Dog Training Elite franchise offers a fulfilling opportunity for dog lovers to turn their passion into a business, fostering better communication between dogs and their owners. Franchisees have the flexibility to be hands-on trainers or oversee a team.

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4. Petland

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 152
  • Founded: 1967
  • Franchising since: 1971
  • Number of units: 307
  • Change in units: +30.6% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $303K-$1.1M
  • Leadership: Joe Watson, CEO
  • Parent company: Petland Inc.

Since 1967, Petland has prioritized its mission of matching pets with their perfect owners through professional pet consultants. With more than 300 locations in the United States and a strong international presence, Petland is committed to expanding further. Potential Petland franchisees can benefit from the opportunity to not only match pets with owners but also sell over 4,000 retail items, including exclusive Petland-branded products. By ensuring high standards from breeders, Petland emphasizes animal welfare and adoption programs. Franchisees receive comprehensive training, including technical sessions, operational guidance and ongoing support, ensuring they are well-prepared for success.

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5. Wild Birds Unlimited

  • Overall franchise 500 rank: 165
  • Founded: 1981
  • Franchising since: 1983
  • Number of units: 360
  • Change in units: +3.7% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $224K-$380K
  • Leadership: Jim Carpenter, CEO/Founder
  • Parent company: Wild Birds Unlimited Inc.

Founded in 1981 by Jim Carpenter, Wild Birds Unlimited began franchising in 1983, focusing on premium products for backyard bird feeding enthusiasts. With more than 350 U.S. locations, Wild Birds Unlimited promotes a strong connection between people and nature, supporting local conservation efforts and environmental sustainability. Ideal franchisees share these values and receive comprehensive training and ongoing support, including access to proprietary product lines and online ordering systems.

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6. EarthWise Pet

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 234
  • Founded: 2005
  • Franchising since: 2008
  • Number of units: 207
  • Change in units: +239.3% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $225K-$1.3M
  • Leadership: Michael Seitz, CEO & Chairman
  • Parent company: NPM Franchising LLC

Founded in 2005 and franchising since 2008, EarthWise Pet is an American pet retail and service provider committed to top-notch pet nutrition training, grooming services and self-wash stations. With more than 200 locations across the United States, EarthWise Pet and its franchisees prioritize helping customers and their pets develop and maintain healthy, loving relationships. Prospective EarthWise Pet franchisees can expect comprehensive support and guidance from the company throughout their journey, with a network of like-minded franchisees focused on customer satisfaction.

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7. Hounds Town USA

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 240
  • Founded: 2001
  • Franchising since: 2008
  • Number of units: 48
  • Change in units: +269.2% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $457K-$772K
  • Leadership: Jackie Bondanza, CEO
  • Parent company: N/A

Started by one of the founding members of the NYPD canine unit, Hounds Town USA has been providing interactive pet care services for more than 20 years. A pet daycare providing spa services, grooming, and boarding for pets, a Hounds Town USA franchise location might also offer pet taxi services for pet owners who are unable to transport their furry friends to and from appointments themselves.

With more than two million pets served, Hounds Town USA is a formidable competitor in the pet franchise industry.

8. Zoom Room

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 275
  • Founded: 2007
  • Franchising since: 2009
  • Number of units: 63
  • Change in units: +293.8% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $318K-$489K
  • Leadership: Matt Collins, VP Franchise Development
  • Parent company: Zoom Room Franchising LLC

Zoom Room, started in 2007, is an indoor dog training gym that emphasizes socializing pets. Prospective franchisees don’t need prior experience but should love dogs and possess good people skills. Franchisees oversee day-to-day operations with minimal staffing needs, benefiting from low space requirements. Zoom Room’s approach involves training owners alongside their pets, fostering a sense of community and engagement through events and collaborations with animal rescue organizations.

9. Aussie Pet Mobile

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 284
  • Founded: 1996
  • Franchising since: 1996
  • Number of units: 82
  • Change in units: +3.8% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $180K-$203K
  • Leadership: Paul Ebert, President
  • Parent company: Home Franchise Concepts

Aussie Pet Mobile, founded in Australia in 1996, is a mobile business that provides pet grooming services in a Mercedes sprinter van equipped with products and equipment used to bathe and groom dogs and cats. With Americans spending billions annually on pet care, the convenience of house call services like Aussie Pet Mobile can attract a large customer base, regardless of franchisees’ prior experience or physical location. Franchisees receive training in grooming procedures and ongoing support in marketing and business management, making opening an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise a potentially lucrative opportunity.

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10. Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 428
  • Founded: 2007
  • Franchising since: 2008
  • Number of units: 179
  • Change in units: +51.7% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $170K-$406K
  • Leadership: Ricardo Azevedo, CEO
  • Parent company: N/A

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming offers best-in-class grooming and a unique retail experience. With a proven business model and comprehensive support system, becoming a Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming franchisee presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to thrive in the pet care industry.

11. Camp Bow Wow

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 443
  • Founded: 2000
  • Franchising since: 2003
  • Number of units: 220
  • Change in units: +11.7% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $1.1M-$1.8M
  • Leadership: Julie Turner, President
  • Parent company: Propelled Brands

Since its launch in 2000, Camp Bow Wow has expanded to more than 200 locations, offering dog daycare services with features like live webcams and overnight boarding. Ideal franchise candidates should have a love for dogs, even with no previous business experience, strong customer service skills and be able to meet minimum capital and net worth requirements. Thorough training provided by Camp Bow Wow ensures franchisees are equipped to deliver top-notch service and uphold the brand’s standards.

12. DoodyCalls

  • Overall Franchise 500 rank: 450
  • Founded: 2000
  • Franchising since: 2004
  • Number of units: 79
  • Change in units: +102.6% over 3 years
  • Initial investment: $64K-$83K
  • Leadership: Larry Amos, Brand Leader/SVP
  • Parent company: Authority Brands

DoodyCalls is a professional pet waste removal service founded in 2000. With more than two decades of experience, DoodyCalls offers convenient and eco-friendly solutions for pet owners, ensuring clean and safe outdoor environments for both pets and their owners. Their services help alleviate the burden of pet waste cleanup, promoting healthier communities and happier pet owners.

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