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Energetic Anatomy made easy

by Laurel Stuart / www.ayni-books.com


Meridians, chakras, prana, qi- why should we know about these things? 

Are the meridians and chakras real? Can knowledge of our energetic anatomy benefit us physically, mentally and spiritually?

Our meridians, chakras, prana and qi are all components of our energetic anatomy. Energetic anatomy is the structure of our nonphysical bodies. It is the study of the energetic systems and components that make up our nonphysical anatomy.  We can not cut open our bodies and find any of these structures, yet through experience and ancient teachings we know they exist. Meridians and qi are aspects of our energetic anatomy found in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist practices such as qi gong. Meridians can be compared to rivers in the body through which different types of qi flow. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use knowledge of the meridians and how they affect our bodies to improve our mental, emotional and physical health. Prana and the chakras are aspects of our energetic anatomy found in yogic traditions. Chakras were first considered focal points along the body for meditation. In the West today the chakras are considered energy banks that store specific information regarding our beliefs, for example our beliefs about our family, our ability to love and be loved and our ability to know divine grace. Below are a few reasons why knowledge of our energetic anatomy is valuable.


Our energetic anatomy is closely related to our physical anatomy. Our energetic anatomy deeply affects our physical health. Each aspect of our energetic anatomy is closely tied to an aspect of our physical body. By learning about our energetic anatomy, we gain a deeper understanding of our physical body from a holistic perspective. By better understanding our energetic anatomy and how it affects our physical bodies we can better understand how our physical bodies work.

Each emotion for example, is a type of energy that affects our physical body. Most of us can tell when an emotion affects our loved ones by looking at their facial and body expressions. Eastern traditions teach us emotions are closely connected to specific organs. Too much of a specific emotion can deeply affect the health of a specific physical organ. Fear for example deeply affects our kidneys and bladder. An excess of fear can deeply affect the health of our urinary system and with time create physical changes in these organs.


Every disease has an energetic component that affects the health of the structures of our energetic anatomy. Imbalance in our energetic anatomy can lead to dysfunction in our physical anatomy. Dysfunction in our physical anatomy can lead to dysfunction in our energetic anatomy. Stress is recognized in modern medicine as a major risk factor for most diseases. In eastern philosophies different types of stress affect different components of our energetic anatomy.

By understanding how different stressors affect us energetically we can better understand the causes of diseases and in so doing treat a disease not only from a purely physical point of view but an energetic point of view as well. Here is one example. In Traditional Chinese Medicine sadness (considered an emotional stressor, particularly when it is chronic or quite intense) deeply affects the lungs and can weaken them, making us susceptible to respiratory conditions. This knowledge of how sadness can lead to respiratory conditions enables a deeper understanding of the energetic causes of some respiratory diseases.


Why do we do the things we do? What makes us tick? Knowledge of our energetic anatomy helps us understand our behaviours, wants and our needs. Knowledge of our energetic anatomy enhances our self- awareness which can lead to greater personal growth. In Western yogic traditions each chakra is connected to specific actions and beliefs. ‘I speak’ for example is the action most closely associated with the 5th chakra. ‘I do’ is the action associated with the third chakra.  ‘I see’ is the action associated with the 6th chakra while ‘I feel’ is the action most closely associated with the 2nd chakra.  The third chakra is intimately connected to our personal power and our sense of self-worth. A person for example with an imbalance in their third chakra may suffer from feelings of poor self worth or poor personal power.

Knowledge of one’s energetic anatomy may help this person better understand why they have these feelings. Knowledge of one’s energetic anatomy can also help this person find energetic solutions that enable better third chakra health.


Understanding our energetic anatomy can empower us to take better care of ourselves. To practice good self-care, we need to understand our needs and be aware of the aspects of ourselves that require self- care.  In the same way we understand when we are thirsty, we need to drink, or when we are hungry, we need to eat, understanding our energetic anatomy can help us to take better care of our selves emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We can learn meditations, breathwork, yoga exercises or other activities to support and maintain our energetic health. This in turn helps us create healthier more balanced lives. Balance in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the key to good emotional, mental, and physical health.


Knowing more about ourselves can help us practice better preventative medicine. Preventative medicine plays an important role in maintaining and promoting overall health. Preventative medicine is cost-effective health care. It helps us improve the quality of our lives. Most folks will agree prevention of a disease is better than curing a disease. Many diseases have an energetic component, and in eastern medicines some diseases begin in the energy realms before they affect our physical bodies. Sometimes we can prevent a physical illness by addressing any imbalance occurring in the structures of our energetic anatomy. With knowledge of our energetic anatomy and how it affects our physical anatomy we are better equipped to do just that.

Knowledge of our energetic anatomy promotes self awareness and self- care. Knowledge of our energetic anatomy supports well-being and balance and facilitates a better understanding not only of ourselves but of our loved ones. If this article has sparked an interest to learn more about your energetic anatomy look out for the upcoming book Energetic Anatomy Made Easy: Create Better Health Through An Understanding Of Your Chakras and Meridians available for pre-order today on major websites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Energetic Anatomy Made Easy compares and combines the wisdoms of energetic anatomy as it relates to the chakras and meridians in easy-to-understand ways. Energetic Anatomy Made Easy contains simple yet profound practices to deepen your understanding of your energetic bodies and over all health.   

Energetic Anatomy Made Easy by Laurel Stuart is available from www.ayni-books.comand from wherever books are sold.

BOOK LINK: https://www.collectiveinkbooks.com/ayni-books/our-books/energetic-anatomy-made-easy

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