Fast Spirituality: How an unhealthy addiction to spiritual practices hinders true spiritual progress


By Nina Verkoeyen

When the New Age movement was born in the 1960s, everyone started visualizing, meditating, channeling, chanting, repeating affirmations, gazing into crystals, and drawing tarot cards – these are what I call “spiritual intermediaries” between you and the Source.

It felt like a necessary progressive step forward from the rigid claws of religion. It was refreshing and expanding for the mind and liberating for the heart. It was indeed a renaissance of spirituality. A New Age.

Decades passed.

Everything that was once new becomes old.

New Age spirituality became “Old Age” spirituality.

We haven’t progressed. Even in 2023, modern spiritual seekers still rely on spiritual intermediaries. We get caught up in this game of spiritual teenagers, playing with techniques and methods, rituals and mantras, channeling, and prayers. Playing with God, instead of recognizing ourselves as One.

We call upon “external higher forces,” never connecting with our internal ones. We give our power away to intermediaries. We’ve been standing on these so-called “stepping stones” to the Truth for too long, and now they’ve become stumbling blocks for spiritual progress.

But more and more people are starting to realize that what we might call “fast spirituality,” with its quick techniques and methods, has become detrimental to our spiritual health. It leaves us unfulfilled and disconnected from our true selves. It is no longer working. And it’s time to take the next step — a step forward from old New Age spirituality to Meta Spirituality.

Meta Spirituality is a spiritual tradition and movement founded by Nina Verkoeyen, a former psychologist and spiritual leader with 20 years of experience in the field of human consciousness. Meta Spirituality is for those who are tired of using spiritual intermediaries and want to establish a direct relationship with the God within. For those ready to free themselves from the grip of religious dogmas, spiritual practices, and techniques. For those ready to close the gap between them and the God within, to create a direct connection with their innermost selves and experience genuine spiritual liberation.

It is time we realize who we truly are, detach from the external guidance systems, and tap into our intrinsic power of the Creator.

It is time to close the gap between who we are and how we express ourselves, bringing wholeness and congruency into our self-expression that we never had before.

It is time we start growing and evolving not from the harsh life lessons and adversity, but from applying the knowledge of who we truly are to every moment of our life.

And the first step – the doorway to that new level of freedom that Meta Spirituality provides – is to let go of our unhealthy addiction to spiritual practices that hinder our spiritual progress.

It will not be easy. The ego-mind will resist, for the ego-mind’s only purpose and function is to sustain the illusion of separation between who you perceive yourself to be and who you truly are.

So from this day forward, instead of praying to a seemingly separate god, instead of channeling seemingly separate spiritual guides, instead of performing rituals to reach out to seemingly separate higher forces, take ownership of who you truly are – The Creator.

Empty the cup of your mind that has been filled with intermediary practices so that the Truth of who you are can rise to the surface of your being and can start being expressed through you into the world.

Let’s explore the depths of ourselves on an entirely new level and give birth to an entirely new identity of ours: the Meta Self that makes us one with our innermost nature of The Creator and shows us how to create anything we truly desire in life – directly, without any rituals and intermediary tools.

Let go of all the old and embrace Meta Spirituality as the next step in our spiritual evolution. Become and express yourself as God. Because this is who you are. This is what your true self requires. And what the world needs.

The time is now – are you ready to answer the call?

Nina Verkoeyen is a pioneering figure transforming the spiritual landscape of America. With two decades of knowledge in human consciousness and profound wisdom, she founded Meta Spirituality – a revolutionary spiritual tradition and movement that has captivated hundreds of thousands worldwide. Follow Nina to open yourself up to greater levels of awareness, and visit her website to watch a free “Introduction to Meta Spirituality” masterclass. Learn more:


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