How A First Aid Course Can Impact Your Stress Management


Life will sometimes throw a curveball that causes significant stress for those in a difficult situation. Depending on the circumstances, people will deal with their stressors differently, but very few will know what to expect when there is a medical emergency.

Fear of the unknown can place added stress on a person unless they have further training to help guide them through the crisis.

According to the World Health Organization, most people experience stress during an emergency, but they explain that it will improve over time. Thus, the more experience a person has, the better they will handle the stress that comes with medical emergencies.

How A First Aid Course Can Impact Stress Management

To fully understand how a first aid course can impact stress management, there are a few things to consider about this valuable training:

1. First Aid Training Saves Lives

Professionals always make their tasks look so easy to do, but all of their training makes them seem fearless and stress-free.

When a person is well prepared for any stressful situation or event, they feel more calm and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

For this reason, many will seek out training for medical emergencies, and finding the best first aid course prices may only be a click away when searching online.

A course like this could provide a calm demeanor during a crisis so the person can give adequate medical care to the injured until emergency services arrive. Moreover, the person administering the care will feel more prepared instead of stressed.

2. Make the Surroundings Safer

First aid will have many applications, including at work or home. Employees and family members may feel safer when someone is around to assist them should they need any medical help.

At the same time, the person with the first aid qualification will be confident enough in themselves to provide the care.

Furthermore, employers may look more favorably on applicants with first aid training, making it possible for someone to get suitable employment quicker than anticipated.

It should thus relieve some financial stress and the knowledge that others will benefit from a calm first aid responder, too, by having an increased sense of safety.

3. Recover from the Incident Faster

Patients who need to recover from injury will do so much quicker when they receive the correct assistance. First aid is thus vital to their recovery and a valuable recovery tool for the person administering it.

Not only does having the necessary training allow the first aider to remain calm during the emergency, but it also assists with their own process of getting over the initial shock when the event passes.

A lot of the stress a person experiences during such events will only manifest after the adrenalin rush subsides. Still, if there aren’t many stressors to work through because of the training, everyone will have a smooth recovery without added stress.

Those who still struggle with some residual stress could try meditation when they feel overwhelmed. The benefits of this practice aren’t included in the first aid course. However, debriefing negative feelings like stress and anxiety will be helpful.

4. Feel Empowered with the Knowledge

Many people who experience emergencies feel powerless or helpless because they don’t know how to help the injured. Unfortunately, this causes many stresses and guilt that these individuals can avoid by attending a first aid course.

Instead of elevating their stress levels, they can effectively assist others, boosting their confidence during an emergency.

Knowing how to use life-saving equipment and apply the best first aid techniques is a skill that will last a lifetime, giving the person peace of mind that they are ready to handle these types of situations better.

PubMed found that mindfulness plays a vital role during emergency response. It stems from knowing how to approach the situation, like gathering as much patient information as possible.

It is one of the main tasks of a first aider: to find out what happened, how it happened, and all other personal patient details. Fortunately, it is also something that a first aid course will cover, so the responders don’t have to stress about knowing what to ask.

5. Become Part of a Community

Human beings are social by nature, and most people will excel at teamwork, especially as part of a medical team.

Each person responding to the emergency will have their responsibilities, and when these people don’t have the proper training, it may cause a lot of stress and friction for the entire team.

Furthermore, a team provides comfort and support to all members, so they work well together to resolve the emergency. The added encouragement from others lets the person feel part of a community and will effectively reduce their own stressful feelings.

According to experts, there are a few common reactions to disaster, and having someone else by your side could assist in working through these normal feelings.

To Conclude

First aid is about more than helping others; it is also about being there for oneself during times of crisis. When someone has the proper skills to handle a daunting situation, they can better manage their stress levels and thus be able to help people in need more effectively.

About the Author
Lloyd J. Hutchinson is a first-aid trainer and educator who, without a doubt, loves his profession. He believes that the more prepared his students are, the better they will respond to themselves and others. He is relatively active outside of the classroom, as he likes to hike and spend time with his family doing outdoor activities.

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