How Much Does Food Cost at the Masters? Menu, Prices, Drinks


The Masters is arguably the most-anticipated of golf’s four Majors, and tens of thousands are expected to fill the crowds this week at Augusta National in Georgia to take in the experience and revel in the tournament’s atmosphere.

The tournament’s food is also famous, and prices have remained the same for decades — shocking, considering the sky-high concession prices at other sports venues.

And though talks of inflation had many nervous about potential price increases, it looks like inflation has yet to hit the tournament.

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This year, attendees of the Masters 2024 have been happy to find that the beloved Pimento Cheese sandwich is still priced at $1.50 and beers only increased a dollar to $6 a pop, according to Golf Week.

A look at the 2024 Masters Tournament menu (Warren Little/Getty Images)

“The pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches have become an iconic food staple of the Masters Tournament,” The Masters official website reads. “The experience of enjoying the tasty fare and thirst-quenching drinks at the Masters Tournament is as much a part of the visit as azaleas, Magnolia Lane, Amen Corner, and the Green Jacket.”

It’s noted that for around $70, you could buy one of everything on the concessions menu, while $5 could get you a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a soft drink.

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Other favorite cheap eats include the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich for $2.50, which caused quite a stir at the 2023 tournament when supply chain issues related to the pandemic caused the fan-favorite dessert to be temporarily removed from menus.

This year, there will be seven open-air concession stands for fans to dine at.

The Masters prides itself on being called “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” and with these prices, it looks like that remains true.

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