How I Got Out of My Funk


The Pace Of The Times Are Wearing People Out

Many of us are currently dealing with weariness that in most cases has nothing to do with being tired in our bodies. This type of tiredness generally originates in the mind and in the spirit. It’s the type of weariness that comes over you when you think too much about yourself. When you are alone you try to bear the burden of yourself and the burdens of your life, and those burdens tend to become too heavy to bear alone. This type of weariness of spirit saps your zest, motivation, and appetite for living.

This type of weariness destroys perspective and your focus, and you cannot see clearly. When you become weary in your spirit you magnify the trivial things in your life and ignore the good all around you. You tend to become impatient with other people. Many people who become weary of trying to bear the burden of themselves begin to seek escape through pleasure and stimulation hence ‘Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc,etc.

Most tiredness originates in a mind constantly preoccupied with itself

It is the mind which creates in the body the “illusion” of fatigue. When you think too much about yourself and when you think negatively about life and other people, you consume emotional energy and burn out your emotional bearings. You become mentally and physically tired and disgruntled.

The Bible tells us not to “worry” or be “anxious” about anything. The Bible also says we cannot “change one hair on our head” by worrying. Worry is nothing more than allowing yourself to be consistently occupied with “yourself”. Worry produces a mind that is “out of control.” At night when you go to bed your mind jumps from one thought to another, you are restless, and you toss and turn eventually becoming unbalanced.

Worry enslaves you

Worry creates a vicious cycle in your mind and enslaves you. Your thinking tends to go in circles, and you get nowhere. Worry forces you to take you and life too seriously. One of the surest ways to have a nervous breakdown is to take yourself too seriously.

So if weariness originates in the mind, then the cure will be in transforming the mind from centering on “self” to centering in God. What you need is another focus that will elevate your mind, that will lift you out of yourself, that will get you away from yourself and provide you with something higher and bigger than you to live for.

Someone Bigger thank you

Only the person living for ‘Someone Bigger’ than themselves can get away far enough mentally to experience peace and rest. Only worship and devotion to God provides the ability to lift us out of weariness and worry, fear, anxiety, and negative attitudes because it takes us away from preoccupation with ourselves.

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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