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For the last nine years, I have been compiling and publishing curated articles that inspire simplicity. At first, it was an exercise in communicating to Becoming Minimalist readers the most popular articles I sent out on Twitter.

But over the years, it has become more than that. It has become a place where people (every other week) come for a dose of inspiration. And it has become a place to promote and encourage writers around the world who are publishing content about minimalism, simplicity, and intentional living.

I think you will enjoy this collection of articles hand-selected for you this weekend. Grab some coffee, tea, or lemonade and be inspired to live a simpler life today.

Young Chinese are in Love With “Frugal Living” | Yahoo! by Yvonne Lau. On Douban, a Chinese website that provides information related to current events, music, and more, young Chinese are flocking to groups that offer money-saving tips.

Minimalist Woman Gets Rid of Plates, Her Children’s Toys and Sentimental Wedding Day Decor | Metro by Aidan Milan. A mum who’s adopted a minimalist lifestyle has gotten rid of a whopping 3,500 items from her family’s home.

9 Lessons Minimalist Living Will Teach Your Children | No Sidebar by Julia Ubbenga. I’ve unquestionably seen positive changes in our daughters since transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle a year and half ago.

How Many Pants Should I Own & Other Weird Minimalism Questions | The Fun Sized Life by Renee Benes. While this question makes me smile a little, the truth is, I had similar questions when I was first starting minimalism which is why I thought it might be time to drop some straight forward answers to some of the weirdest questions I have been asked as a minimalist.

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years | Marc and Angel Hack Life by Marc Chernoff. “If only…” These two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language.

8 Reasons Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day | Joshua Becker on YouTube. If you have ever wondered why some successful people choose to wear the same outfit everyday, or better yet, if you are considering adopting a more streamlined wardrobe yourself, here are 8 convincing reasons.

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