Interview with singer and song writer Kaliyani about new single One Earth and her Spiritual Awakening


View Kaliyani’s latest release, One Earth here.

Brasilian born singer and song writer Kaliyani, also known as Jane Gehr, is the founder of Stargate Alliance Films and Media where she has served as co-founder and executive producer in several projects including a peace platform, Peace Link; the docudrama Secrets Of Love, and the independent award-wining feature film, A Winter Rose. In addition, she is deeply involved in the production of her music and videos, namely Nammu’s Invocation, Tears for Inanna, and most recently One Earth. Kaliyani prefers to call herself a spiritually inspired visionary. She believes her connection with Spirit is the primary driving force and inspiration to all that she brings forth.  

Kaliyani’s brand new single and music video One Earth, is a tribute to Earth and an upliftment to the human spirit.  It serves as a reminder that we are one single planet race; of the power that is present in unity, and the gift that is our human kindredness and connection. Showing that together, from many grassroots movements, we have creatively found and continue to discover new ways to heal our planet, growing ever more conscious of the immense importance of our individual choices; and that together we should stand as proud stewards of this extraordinary planet home. 

In her own words:  

“The reality is that the mainstream media unfortunately has made no time for the Good News and the truth is that you don’t need to dig far to find the extraordinary changes that are being implemented by independent individuals who cared enough to bring a community together with a creative common goal to heal the Earth.” 

What Inspired you to create this new single? 

In the Summer of 2020 I was introduced to the now late, amazing humanitarian/ music manager Ken Kragen (best know for USA for Africa) and Neil Morgan’s (CEO) and their new climate-change organization Hands Around the World (https://  After a couple of teleconference meetings, where I was mostly serving as a liaison to potential contributions to this new developing, yet, largerthan-life-project, Neil asked if I would write a song for the project. Even though I confess I felt intimidated to step in those shoes, especially since my music signature has so far had been “wordless”… yet,  eventually I built the confidence as the inspiration was quite large given the cause. 

Can you speak about why you believe that your connection with Spirit is the primary driving force and inspiration to all that you bring forth? 

“I’ve never had to pursue a project. I’m somewhat of a recluse extrovert, as a friend of mine has pointed out, so I am fine in quiet times with myself in my inner world. Without exception, every new creative project that I have participated in, has been a gift from Spirit and has been effortlessly dropped on my lap. Sometimes, the invitation from the Universe may seem beyond my scope and reach, and yet I feel spirit strongly nudge me to always say ‘yes’, so…I have had to learn fast how to get out of my own way every time and allow it to naturally unfold.  

This connection with Spirit had been there since my very first memory of self, however it wasn’t until the trauma of my divorce that I was delivered into the grace of a spiritual awakening that changed my life forever and placed me in my path with a strong sense of purpose and guidance that never leaves me.  

However, it doesn’t mean that this spiritual unfoldment has ever been easy. Much to the contrary, it has continually challenged me to step up and show Spirit in how many different ways am I am really willing and ready to serve.  

I remember in the second year of my masters program in Spiritual Psychology, 2008-09, while also volunteering at Self Realization Fellowship’s Lake Shrine, during one of my meditations, I felt my whole being surrender all of myself to Spirit, fearlessly, and hold nothing back.   

Such feat I had unsuccessfully attempted many times prior to that day, fearing that Spirit’s choice could perhaps not match my own or in other words, not make me happy. I would inwardly say the words, but on the energetic level, out of fear of losing complete control, I knew I was not sure I meant them one hundred percent, until that day when I finally did. That marks, for me, the time when Spirit’s Red Carpet rolled out. 

Can you share more about the experience of your spiritual awakening? 

My Portuguese catholic mother taught me to pray as early as when I was still in the crib. Many prayers. I remember her hands wrapped around mine as she taught me to make the longer version of the sign of the cross, when I hadn’t yet quite learned how to speak. That was a duty that she would assist my sister and I with every night way into our late childhood. I maintained that discipline throughout my adult life. Aside from praying, I became very spiritually attuned and curious. I was in love with everything related to the occult. I read, researched and personally explored different spiritual philosophies and disciplines while growing up in Brazil. Looking back, I was what one could call a very mystic child. 

However, not too long after marrying a controlling and temperamental halfchristian, half-jewish agnostic, I shied away from praying around him, so as not to provoke a reaction. I was very young then. With time, and children to care for, I slowly replaced that discipline with the love and the caring for my four children.  One day, without going into detail, when the tower came down in a dramatic way and chaos ensued, and I knew it was time for us to part, I felt an instant urge to pray again.  

This time though, it was not an urge for the usual ones I had long memorized, but the urge asked for a specific very long prayer that I had only heard a few times in my life, but remembered how much it had touched me. I called home, wrote the two-page long prayer down on paper and from that day forward and into the following several weeks, I prayed every night after laying in bed and every morning before getting my feet on the ground again, with a deep heartfelt passion. 

A few weeks into it, I began to experience unusual phenomena, have visions, dreams, and many synchronicities that would require a small book to explain, but what I can share is that all of it was surrounding a mysterious deity I had never heard from before, until slowly but surely, I was made to understand Her identity to be recognized as the Goddess of Compassion know mostly throughout Asia as Kuan Yin, the Bodhisatva. 

That was back in 2003. All else including my entire creative life came alive from what I perceive to be Her guidance from then.  After that meditative surrendering of my life’s will, onto Her will, dreams no longer remained as dreams.  A purpose driven fire began to burn ever brighter in belly and my heart, and the passion to serve grew stronger. A life beyond my wildest dreams was the gift that came from such surrender.  It took unshakable trust, not the absence of fear, but the courage to step beyond it. 

Kaliyani (aka Jane Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary. As producer, artist and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media, she hopes to inspire humanity though offering alternative visions, information and empowering tools for self, as well as for global soul transformation. It is Kaliyani’s dream to offer her Self as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She says her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.


View Kaliyani’s latest release, One Earth here.

View Tears for Inanna here.

View Nammu’s Invocation here.

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