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If you’ve spent any time on the Internet over the last ten years, you know the growth of Short Video Content has been astronomical. Tik-Toks, Reels, Shorts, the list goes on and on—people love them.

Well, if that’s where the world is hanging out, why not use the platform for good?

Over the past couple months, I have been posting shorts videos (60-seconds or less) on Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube that are designed intentionally to inspire others to own less and provide succinct, practical tips and advice on how to accomplish that.

If you enjoy that type of content (as so many people do), you can find my short videos here:

YouTube Shorts
Facebook Reels
Instagram Stories
Or on X

New short videos are uploaded every Tuesday.

And to give you just a little sense of the format, over the last two months, here are my three most popular short form videos:

The Joy of Not Wanting Things (FB)

One Habit to Change Your Life in One Month (YT)

The Essential Item for Your Capsule Wardrobe (IG)

If you find this type of video content helpful or would like these types of messages to show up in your social media feeds, you can like, follow, or subscribe to Becoming Minimalist on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and/or X.

Welcome aboard!

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