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Thank you for being part of the Becoming Minimalist Community.

I’m writing today to let you know about something new I am starting.

It is not directly tied to minimalism, but it comes from me. So this seems like the right place to announce it.

Two years ago, I began publishing faith-based devotionals, once a week, on my personal Facebook profile.

I decided recently email is a better platform to deliver those weekly devotionals. For one, not everyone is on Facebook. And more than that, Facebook controls unilaterally what posts get distributed and what do not. Email provides opportunity to connect directly with those who want to read the articles.

So this weekend (Easter), I am launching The Focus on Faith Newsletter.

Here’s a brief description:

This world is full of distraction—worries, riches, pleasures, just to name a few. Keeping our hearts and minds focused on God requires consistent and intentional action.

The Focus on Faith Newsletter is designed to help you do that.

Every week, I send one email that includes a passage of Scripture to meditate on and a 5 minute Christ-focused devotional—intentionally written to keep our hearts inspired and our minds motivated to live for God.

If you want to receive my weekly, Christian, faith-based devotionals, you can sign up here.

If not, no worries. You will see no change in the content or subject matter here on Becoming Minimalist where it has always been my desire to inspire people to own less and live more—regardless of their faith or nonfaith background.

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