Jewels of the Desert: Libyan Gold Tektite & Emerald


The Sahara Desert is home to a rich tapestry of history, mythology, and ancient magic. Some of the most fascinating and powerful stones we have access to today can be traced back to this vast sandy expanse — including Libyan gold tektite and emerald.

Libyan gold tektite is the rarest of all tektites — glass-like objects created by meteorite collisions with terrestrial rocks. It’s millions of years old, formed in the Sahara Desert, and shaped by the blowing sands of time. As the Sahara’s landscape shifts with the wind, these otherworldly stones are revealed. Libyan gold tektite possesses ancient knowledge that opens you to receiving wisdom from other realms.

Emerald is a widely known precious gemstone… but have you heard of the Emerald Tablet? The Emerald Tablet is a mysterious green stone that’s said to have originated in Egypt. It’s inscribed with the secrets of the universe, including the Hermetic Principles, the most potent ancient truths, and alchemical mysteries. Emerald is attuned to echoes of the past, ready to uncover truths and wisdom within you.

Do you feel called to the ancient desert magic of the Sahara? We have just the thing for you — this Libyan Gold Tektite & Emerald Ring. Don these jewels of the desert to keep the Sahara’s wisdom and potent secrets at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

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