Last Day for the Feel-Good Bundle Sale (96% Off 11 Life-Changing Tools!)


Well, all good things must come to an end, and that time has come for the Feel-Good Summer Bundle Sale.

Before I give you one last reminder of all this spectacular bundle has to offer…

I’ve always believed in the power of one.

One realization can open your mind.

One shift in perspective can transform your experience of the world.

One decision can change the trajectory of your life.

The one realization that changed my life nearly two decades ago is that life is not what happens to us; it’s how we respond to it.

That led to a shift in perspective: If I am not my mistakes or my struggles, then I don’t have to wallow in shame. Instead, I can be proud of what I do with them.

And that led to a powerful decision: to get the help I needed to heal and then help others do the same.

I’d spent over a decade struggling with depression, bulimia, and c-PTSD, and I’d gotten help before, but I never truly believed I deserved it. It’s hard to heal if you think you deserve to hurt. But that one realization changed everything for me.

It’s what led me to Tiny Buddha, where millions have formed the insights they needed to change their lives.

And it’s why I run these bundle sales.

Because one of these courses could hold the key to your transformation.

One of these creators’ personal journeys could be the relatable story you need to hear for something to finally click.

It all starts with one simple decision to prioritize your own healing and happiness. Because you deserve it, just like I do.

Now a quick recap:

Tiny Buddha’s Feel-Good Summer Bundle, which ends today, offers 11 life-changing online tools for the price of one.

The total value of these eCourses and workshops is over $2,400, but the bundle sells for just $97, which amounts to 96% off.

The Feel-Good Summer Bundle includes the following courses (among others):

  • Blooming Brilliantly (valued at $479), a course to help you love, honor, and support yourself as a highly sensitive person so you can thrive and be your best
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (valued at $295), a course to help you release the trauma of narcissistic abuse and find self-love, health, and happiness
  • Health and Happiness Reboot (valued at $257), a course that teaches you about the Chinese medicine model of physical and emotional health and provides easy-to-use tools to keep you balanced
  • 21 Days to Relieve Anxiety Naturally (valued at $125), a course to help you break the cycle of stress and worry and find peace from anxiety in just a few minutes a day.
  • Realize Your Life’s Mission (valued at $111) a practical, guided journey to help you leverage your gifts to create purpose and make a contribution to the world
  • The Power of No (valued at $109), a course to help you overcome people-pleasing, prioritize your needs, and reclaim your time, energy, and joy
  • Reclaim Your Plate (valued at $99), a workshop series to help you change your unhealthy eating patterns so you can stop feeling like a failure and start enjoying food and your life.

None of these programs come from big corporations. They’re from hardworking, independent business owners, all experts in their fields with relevant life experience that has led them to their work.

People who’ve been there, who care, and want to help. Each is just one person, but they might be the one to make a difference for you.

So here it is: one powerful bundle that I hope will change your life—because you, my friend, are worth it.

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