Life After Addiction with Tim Stoddart


Today we’re learning from Tim Stoddart. As the CEO of Stodzy Inc. and partner in Copyblogger, Tim teaches people how to create multiple streams of income. Tim is also an addiction recovery advocate and the owner of Sober Nation, a platform that helps people find help, get sober, and start their recovery.

On today’s episode, Tim shares his story of growing up in Philly, getting sober, and how writing in secret exploded into a career.

Key takeaways:

  • Why sobriety must take priority over everything else.
  • Tim’s fresh start moving from Philly to Florida.
  • The tools Tim used to build his new life.
  • How a CD (remember those?) from Seth Godin led to Tim Stoddart’s almost-accidental writing career.

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About Reclaim + Advance

Reclaim + Advance is a social impact podcast where we host vulnerable conversations with modern high performers. In each episode, we explore the lowest points of our guest’s personal or professional life, how they recovered, and their life on the other side of hardship.

We have two goals:

First, if you’re going through a tough time, you’ll get the inspiration and guidance needed to continue your journey in a meaningful way.

Our second goal is to give you practical tools and science-backed frameworks that empower you to seize and even create opportunities, regardless of the associated challenges.

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