Life is a Song of Love


By Sally Patton/

Music and song has always been inside me. I’ve learned that when I listen to the music of love, the Mother Father One speaks to me in a myriad of ways. Therefore, several years ago during an inner child meditation with the Goddess Quan Yin, I was gifted with a blank book from my six-year-old self with the resonating title, Life is a Song of Love. After completing Life is a Song of Love, a Woman’s Spiritual Journey of the Heart and Womb, I realized the divine perfection in the title. Although, I questioned whether or not my life really was a song of love. It was the process of writing Life is a Song of Love that changed my mind and provided the means for deepening my spiritual path of awakening.

There were many preconceived ideas I needed to let go before I could actually start writing. Initially I was highly resistant to the idea. My husband Rick and I moved to a remote area in northern New Mexico from the Boston, Massachusetts area in 2011. This gave the space to deepen my spiritual contemplative practice. I was content to live on top of our mesa with its gorgeous spacious views anchoring the rebirth of divine feminine energy. It suited my introverted self. The guidance was so strong that my divine purpose was to write about the divine feminine, I reluctantly agreed. I had no idea what to write, so the next thing I had to release was my need to follow an outline with all the subjects clearly figured out. I was helped to let go of this need by my awareness that the heroine’s mystical journey is not linear. I’ve always loved the walking meditations of the labyrinth. Therefore, I created in front of our house, a Chartres Cathedral-size eleven-fold labyrinth with the colorful rocks of the area. In a moment of inspiration I realized that walking the labyrinth is a perfect metaphor for the heroine’s journey.

The labyrinth is a type of a mandala which is a symbol of the womb of the Holy Mother. Its unicursal path folds in and out eventually taking us into the heart of the Mother. We can’t get lost. As in life, our spiritual path is not straight. We can get stuck for a while in our process. Sometimes our path takes us almost to the center of our being but then we get distracted and our path takes us out of our center before the folding in and out leads back into the center of our heart womb. 

Writing Life is a Song of Love was like walking the labyrinth. It became a dance of love and expression constantly weaving in and out of the chapters without finishing any one of them until Life is a Song of Love was complete. For example, when the writing started to flow, I had no idea that one central theme was the story of Lilith, the first woman strong in her sacred sexual life force and power. Writing the movement or section on divine sexuality helped with understanding the shape and content of the entire book. The movement on the mother daughter patriarchal womb was also a total surprise. Until my daughter started sharing her sacred womb of abandonment, I never realized there was a universal mother daughter patriarchal wound. It became the pivotal movement. With all movements leading to it and from it, I felt the book folding in and out, always leading into my heart and womb and then out again as written expression.

Writing the movement on Healing the Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound took over three years as Sarah and I carefully and compassionately healed our relationship. The process meant being totally open to receiving how I failed to meet Sarah’s needs without becoming defensive and burying myself in blame and regret. I had to understand my own mother daughter wound in order to realize that I did the best I could given my own patriarchal conditioning passed down through the female line. Of course relationships with our sons, nonbinary and trans children are also affected by patriarchal conditioning. Because women were conditioned over thousands of years to be the primary purveyors of patriarchy, it is the mother daughter relationship that needs to heal first in order for women to rise from the victim mentality to embrace our wild sacred creative feminine energy.

The fall into separation consciousness coincided with humanity’s concerted movement to try and erase all traces of the Holy Mother from the Face of God. We became disconnected from our hearts and the divine feminine essence which houses our nurturing, intuitive, imaginal and creative abilities. The inner process of remembering our powerful sacred self requires releasing the ingrained conditioning that says women are the second sex.  In Life is a Song of Love I describe how this imbalance destructively played out in women and men for thousands of years, wounding women in our wombs and men in their hearts. Men disconnected from their hearts and feelings paved the way for colonialism and constant wars.

During this healing and transformative time we know deep within our hearts that when we learn to listen to the voice within, our God Self, we begin to create the world outside of us from love. As we transform ourselves within, the world outside is transformed. As we become fully human and fully divine, we create the New Earth. This is an inward movement first that shapes our love to manifest in the outer world. The feminine energy of power with and within replaces the separated self’s power over paradigm.

I write about themes central to our heroine’s journey: using myths and stories to write herstory; forgiving and loving ourselves free to return to Oneness; claiming ourselves as modern day mystics; embracing our wild creative feminine selves in balance with the support, discernment and clarity of our masculine energy; healing the mother daughter wound perpetuated by patriarchal conditioning; embracing the Universal Grandmother’s basket of love for all humanity; healing sexism and racism to co-create a world where all children are cherished; and honoring all of Mother Earth’s creations. Through it all is the ever-present melody of forgiving the unforgivable and loving the unlovable. We are ushering in the age of compassion, co-creating the New Earth as fully human and fully divine beings.

Creation is sound, resonance, vibration, tone and rhythm. Our hearts vibrate and resonate with all creation and we sing our heart song in harmony with all heart songs. I call this the Great Tuning to love. Everything unlike love has risen to the surface to be healed into the light. It is a pivotal, chaotic and polarizing time. And sometimes it feels as if we are going backwards. It requires great faith to believe we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. We are riding the sound wave of renaissance that sings our unique Divine Blueprint of our Christ Selves sourced from the Cosmic Mother Father. The Great Tuning is about tuning to our higher vibration’s song to lead in love. It is time now for all humanity to flourish.

Life is a Song of Love by Sally Patton is available from and from wherever books are sold.


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