Luxury Cruise Line Offering ‘Retirement at Sea’


Though the leisure of retirement can sound dreamy, the logistics of financial planning can be tedious — especially for those wishing to spend their time traveling.

Now, Villa Vie Residences, a residential cruise line, is offering a three-and-a-half-year cruise (should guests decide to participate in the entire voyage; it’s also available in segments) for $299,999 for single occupancy and $499,999 for double occupancy through the cruise line’s “Endless Horizon” program, set to depart from Northern Europe on May 30, 2024. The voyage will visit all seven continents and 147 countries.

A look at the pool area on the Odyssey ship. (Villa Vie Residences)

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“Our goal is to offer a seamless solution for those looking to retire on a fixed budget to never worry about ongoing expenses again,” Mikael Petterson, CEO of Villa Vie Residences said in a company release. “This is more than just a travel opportunity; it’s a new way of life. For less than the price of an average home, you can secure a lifetime of experiences.”

Rooms will be available on the company’s Odyssey ship, which is undergoing “extensive refurbishment” at a port in Belfast, at the moment. This will be the refurbished ship’s inaugural voyage.

A look inside a balcony-view room aboard the Odyssey. (Villa Vie Residences)

“One aspect most people nearing retirement age are concerned about is ongoing living expenses and the possibility of outliving their savings,” Kathy Villalba, COO of Villa Vie Residences said. “This program eliminates that concern altogether while offering the ultimate dream: exploring every corner of the world by sea.”

According to recent data from the Cruise Lines International Association, cruising as a travel mode has soared in popularity with an estimated 31.7 million passengers sailing in 2023, up nearly two million from pre-pandemic sailing in 2019. It’s estimated that 35.7 million passengers will set sail in 2024.

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Villa Vie Residences is not the first of its kind to offer full residences to aspiring cruisers, though having a boat is a good first step.

In November 2023, a live at sea competitior, Life at Sea abruptly canceled its three-year-long residential cruise due to the fact that the company couldn’t secure a boat, much to the dismay of customers who claimed they still didn’t have refunds months later.

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