Memorial Gift Ideas For The Loss Of A Husband


The search for a gift to commemorate such a big loss is always a difficult one. We spend countless hours trying to scan every item, thinking in the back of our minds which one would be the most suitable for such a sad occasion. What can be suitable enough to honor the memory of a beloved husband? surely our minds began to fail us when it comes to making such a crucial decision.

Losing a husband, someone you thought would be by your side until the end of your time is unimaginable. Our words and gifts cannot fill up the void that their husband has left behind, but what they can do is bring them a little comfort in this time of need. These memorial and sympathy gifts quickly become a memory that the grieving ones began to cherish. It’s because these gifts reflect the love they have for their husband. Whether it may be a picture or a memorial blanket, it makes them relive the happy memories they have of their husband. They began to cherish these gifts just like they cherished their husband. The memory of their husband forever lives on in the shape of your memorial gift.

In case you are unsure of what may be the different gifts that are appropriate for the occasion, we have compiled a list of the most sympathetic memorial gifts that you can send to someone grieving the loss of a husband. 

Memorial Gift Ideas For The Loss Of A Husband

You will find every gift listed here outstanding in terms of quality and value.

Someone In Heaven Plaque

Someone in Heaven’s plaque is used as a decoration or a plaque to commemorate the memory of the husband who has passed on. It can be placed in the living room or the bedroom. You can print a customized message on it like a snippet from a song or a deep message with customized images.

These plaques are shatterproof and can upstand on their own. They make the perfect gift for someone who wants to hold on to the memory of their beloved.

A Remembrance Lantern 

Memorial Gifts

A memorial lantern adds much more value to your sympathies and condolences than you can foresee. It will not only light a darkened room but its rays will reach down into the saddened heart of the widow and give her and her family new hope in life. It will help them fight the darkness of death and overcome their fears in their troubling time. 

Giving Shawl

A giving shawl can be used as a huggable gift because nothing beats a warm hug from a loved one. When you are not around, they can hug the shawl or wrap themselves in it to feel the warmth and support that they need. A shawl represents the message that no matter how far, you will always be close to each other in spirit. 

A warm shawl will not only comfort them in their loneliness but also prove to be the best gift in winter. It will keep the widower warm on cold, secluded nights.

A Warm Blanket

Another way to convey your sympathies for the widow is by sending a blanket. You can customize messages on the blanket, such as different poems, quotes, or even a picture of the couple. The widow will hold it close to her heart and cherish the memories and words that are printed on the blanket.

Another idea is to gift the “I Never Left You” poem. The words are touching with a heartful message. It tells the widower that no matter where she is, where she goes, or what she does, her husband will always be with her along every step. If you are not in the mood for getting it printed on the blanket or cannot find the time to get the job done, blankets are readily available with this poem printed on them so you can save some time.

Here are the words of the I Never Left You poem by Melissa McKenzie:

I Never Left You
I watch you every day, I am always very near.
I know deep in your heart, you realize I am here.
I watch you while you sleep, in your bed at home.
I hear you when you speak to me, when you are on your own.
You cannot understand the reason why I’ve gone.
But I will never leave you I am there to keep you strong.
Talk to me, I hear you, though you may not see.
We share an unbroken bond that will always be.
Death will not keep us apart, for our love is forever.
Just remember me in your heart, and one day we will be together.
Live your life and live it full, don’t waste a single day.
Remember I am always with you every step of the way.

A Crystal Keepsake 

Memorial Gifts

You can customize a crystal into a locket or a ring to gift to the widow. It can be molded into a heart shape and you can even write customized messages on it. Another good idea would be to engrave the initials of the widow and her deceased husband on the crystal. 

She will not only cherish the crystal but it will become a symbol of your love and support. This gift can even turn into a family heirloom and be passed down to generations as a memory. 

A Wind Chyme 

As the wind continues to play with the wind chime, producing soft, soothing music, it brings back the lovely memories of the loved ones who have passed on. They give the heart a gentle reminder that no matter if we cannot see them with our eyes, they will always be with us in spirit. 

It is the most assuring message that you can give to a widow. All she needs at a time like this is the assurance that she will be reunited with her husband in some other world.

Sympathy Flowers

Memorial Gifts


If you do not know the widow too well or are not that close to her, you can always send sympathy flowers with a customized note. You can send a plant or send flowers separately but the plants will outlive the flowers. A bowl of colorful flowers will uplift the whole atmosphere of their home and bring them comfort. 

Some perfect sympathy flowers will be:

  • Hyacinths
  • Lilies
  • Roses 
  • Orchids
  • Carnations

Comfort Food

If you cannot find the budget to do anything of the above listed or are just tight on cash, you can always take over some comfort food. Food nourishes the soul and gives the body the strength to face grief. Food does not only fill their tummy, but it also fills their hearts. 

They take comfort in knowing that they are not alone. That they have someone who has got their back even in the hardest of times and that becomes their beacon of hope. You can send their favorite meal or select a general comfort food. Some comfort food ideas are:

  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Ice-Cream
  • Fruit and vegetable tray 
  • Meat Tray 
  • Cheese Tray 
  • Finger Food
  • Casseroles

A Memorial Plant

Memorial Gifts

A memorial plant is the most thoughtful way of keeping the memory of those who have passed on alive. You can plant a tree or select their favorite flower or any other plant of the liking of the deceased one. A tree will take time to grow but it will live on forever. You can also attach a sympathy note to it.

The widower can place it in her garden or any other place of her liking. This will not only remind her of her cherished husband every time she looks at it, but will also give her shade and the comfort she may need on lonely days. 

Gifting A Service

If you feel that the person you want to gift something to will have no use for the above things, you can always gift them a service. 

It is a tough time for the widow. She not only has to deal with the loss of her husband but also has to look after her daily chores. You can help her in picking up the kids, doing the laundry, helping with the household chores, or anything that might seem fit and beneficial for the grieving. It is not always about the money but the kind of love and care that you offer to someone. This care can leave lasting impressions on a broken heart.

Memorial Gift Courtesies 

It is crucial to choose an appropriate way to send your memorial gift. Some tips would be to wrap the gift in warm-colored wrapping. The wrapping sheet should not be too loud and neither it should be too dark. Warm colors brighten up the aura of a person so it is important to take care of the color you choose, keeping in mind the state of a grieving widow. 

You can choose a baby pink, warm blue, or even any pastel color of your liking. The best place to address the memorial gift is at the home of the widow. It should be personal and just between you two so that the widow can feel the special attention and love that you are trying to convey to her.

Whatever gift you choose to send, it is always a nice gesture to attach a customized sympathy note to it. You can write a short message on the card to convey your sympathies. It is always best to hand over the gift in person. However, if that is not possible you can select a medium that looks more reasonable to you.

If you are going to hand over the gift in person, do not show up unannounced. Call the widow first and ask her about her availability. Remember, it’s all about making her feel loved.

Best Time To Send A Memorial Gift

You can send over a memorial gift at any time but it’s best to send it soon after the funeral. However, if some time has passed since the funeral and you are just now thinking of the idea, it’s never too late. You can still send them a gift to let them know you are holding them in your thoughts. 


No matter what gift you choose, it is the thought behind it that counts the most. It may look like a small gesture to you but to the one receiving the gift, it may mean the whole world. While sending the gift, just take a moment and think about the sensitivity of the occasion at hand. It will help you in choosing the most appropriate gift with an appropriate message.

Irrespective of your presence at the funeral, a memorial gift will talk volumes about the care you hold in your heart for the widow. Remember, it doe not have to be the most expensive gift, sometimes even the small things can leave big imprints in our hearts.

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