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Do you believe in gnomes? Faeries and mermaids? All of these mystical creatures are what we call ‘elemental beings.’

Elemental beings are nature spirits. They are pure spiritual energy that takes form in one of the primary elements: Earth, fire, water, and air. Elementals are conscious beings who live in realms beyond our own that we know exist — but cannot see with our human eyes. They love being called on! But because they exist in higher realms, you must raise your vibration to meet them.

Here are our favorite elemental beings to call on:

  • Earth ~ Gnome — Gnomes are commonly found in forests, where there’s plenty of greenery. They’re here to protect the natural world and all of Gaia’s bounty. Although they tend to be practical jokesters who love a mischievous moment, they’re good-natured beings to the core. Call on them by tending to your garden or filling a space in your home with plants.
  • Fire ~ Salamander — Salamanders are the manifestation of fire, typically found in volcanic environments and hot springs. They have an explosive energy, bringing a kick of willpower, strength, and passion wherever they go. They do tend to be a bit volatile, so be aware when invoking their power. Call on them by lighting a red or orange candle.    
  • Water ~ Mermaid — Mermaids are spirits of the water, found in the depths of the seas and oceans. They help us dream of exploration, courage, otherworldly beauty, and harmonious integration with our natural surroundings. They go with the flow, navigating all life’s mysteries with grace. Call on them by carrying crystals of the sea, such as aquamarine or Lemurian blue calcite.
  • Air ~ Sylph — Sylphs are the faeries of the air element, felt in a gust of wind or seen as a sparkle of light. They’re a breath of fresh air, reinvigorating your spirit and bringing clarity. They’re also gone as quickly as they arrive, instilling a sense of detachment, too. Call on them by lighting some incense and engaging in deep, mindful breathing.

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