Nine Steps for Doing the Right Thing


By Noelle Sterne

Sometimes I do them, sometimes I don’t. When I don’t, things turn out very poorly. At the least, I’m annoyed, frustrated, impatient. The event can be anything—from a routine catch-up with bills or grocery shopping to a repairperson’s visit to an important client meeting to a writing assignment to a delicate partner confrontation.

What am I talking about? Nine steps I’ve found are essential to take before any action. Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, no! Too many!” But I assure you: following these steps will almost certainly ensure outcomes that satisfy you and everyone else involved. 

These nine steps aren’t strictly actions but rather self-reminders or mindsets. When I take the time beforehand to apply them, the event or activity goes smoothly, with little anxiety and even with pleasure. When I don’t, I’m prone to the first of the two examples in each step below. As you see, the second is always better.

  1. See: See only good in the event; insist on only good. 

Oh, my God! The sink broke! 

OR: Well, we’ve needed a new sink for a long time.

  1. Listen: Get quiet and listen for inner guidance. Yield to it. 

So much to do! Maybe if I do this, and then that, and then the other . . . 

OR: Let me listen for which is best, and which I really want to do. Quiet, now. Ah, there it is . . .

  1. Decide: Based on the guidance you’ve just received, decide what you will do. You will know you made the right decision by how you feel. If you’re anxious, worried, or fearful, decide again. And wait for how you feel. If you’re feeling free, at peace, enthusiastic about taking the action, your decision was right. 

Why do I keep dropping the dishes? And the sink overflowed! And my computer locked up at just the wrong time! What should I do?

OR: I follow the guidance now. Yes, softly, calmly, trusting, I write that email now.

  1. Envision: Imagine, visualize the outcome(s) you most desire. Affirm that all involved will benefit.

He won’t agree. She’ll laugh in my face.

OR: He responds in the perfect way for us both. She expresses her gratitude and we work together harmoniously.

  1. Act: Take the steps you are guided to. If you feel hesitant, ask again for guidance and listen for the answer. You’ll know it’s right when you feel peace.

I’m so nervous writing this email.

OR: I feel wonderful writing this email. The words flow!

  1. Expect: From your guided actions, expect the most perfect outcome.

Oh, no, what if this goes wrong . . . and that . . . and that.

OR: Yes, all goes perfectly as I envision.

  1. Trust: Trust the guidance you were given, the actions you have taken, the outcome you imagined and rightfully expect. 

Oh, no, what if . . . . !

OR: I trust the divine guidance within. I trust my guided actions. I trust to the perfect results.

  1. Relax: Relax in your decision and action. 

Oh, no, what if . . . !

OR: I have complete confidence in the divine guidance I have followed. I relax in the perfect outworkings. All is well.

  1. Thank: Thank the Source and yourself for the outcome, and every perfect outcome.

Maybe it worked out this time. But next time?

OR: I thank You, Lord, and the Divine in me for this perfect outcome. And all perfect outcomes as I listen. I trust in Your Wisdom and Guidance always.

You can use these nine steps for anything in your life. Our inner wisdom knows what is right for us. The more we turn to it, ask, and listen, the more we realize it is always available and always infallible. 

As you rely more on your guidance and take these steps, they will become easier and more blessedly habitual. You’ll feel more powerful. With these nine steps, you will know you can, with divine guidance and gratitude, meet any challenge and create beautifully anything in your life. 

© 2023 Noelle Sterne

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