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Poem: About Death

By Dr. Archan Mehta


You can’t touch me,

With your sharp fangs,

And your monstrous hands,

For I have tasted

The elixir of a life

Spent in splendid isolation,

And surrounded by

Beautiful objects made

Of tears, sweat and blood.


Your game is over:

You no longer scare

Even a pigeon in flight,

Nor can you claim

To be different and unique,

For we no

Longer recognize you.


Look how this

Bright and red

Flame from a candle

Burns with the

Passion of life.


You can kill my body,

But not my spirit,

For the spirit, after all,

Is timeless, ageless, and everlasting.


Come and dance on stage

Over broken pieces of glass.


Gaze at the naked

Angels soaring above

You like an airplane

In mid-flight.


You are, finally,

A stranger to me.


Don’t you see?


Its over

Between you and me!


Even if you are desperate

And visit me like

An unwanted guest,

For a change, I will

Lay you to rest in a funeral home

Where only ghosts and phantoms roam.


Dr. Archan Mehta has earned a PhD. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Freelance Writer and Consultant based in India. Over the years, Dr. Mehta’s creative work has been featured in numerous publications in India, U.K., USA, South Africa and the Middle East. In his free time, Dr. Mehta likes to stroll in the outdoors, party with close friends, listen to music and stay on top of current events. Dr. Mehta is also fond of meditation. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Mehta at

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