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Poem: What Is Love?

By Dr. Archan Mehta

Love is not

Necessarily romantic love.

Rather, love is an impulse,

Which touches heaven.

Love lives among the

Clouds and hesitates

To walk in public.

Love is like a 

Magician demonstrating tricks.

Thus, love suddenly pulls

A rabbit out of a hat.

Love is like a rose

Trapped among feisty thorns.

Love is like a shiny or

Bright diamond in the rough.

Love lives with apprehension

Among human beings in civil society.

Wherever there is war or

Violence or conflict in our world,

Love creates a tender, white rose.

Love reduces dictators, despots,

Violent criminals and terrorists to tears.

Love emerges, slowly, from

The shadows of darkness

To reveal light and love

Replaces ugliness with beauty.

Love soothes the open and sore

And festering wounds of a dying

Soldier on an open battlefield

Without glory. Love is 

Sensitive and nurtures babies.

Love flows and transforms

Everything which love touches.

Love is like a naked angel,

Who dances on shards of glass.

Love, of course, gives

Hatred a pass.

Instead, love smiles

Like a new dawn.

Love hates being cooped up

Inside a gloomy room.

Instead, love longs to

Break free and love

Ambles along in 

A rustic garden

Covered by thistles and thorns.

Love is creative

And not prescriptive.

Thus, love follows nobody’s

Rules and instead love

Creates its own rules.

Love is not fixed in

Space and time. Instead,

Love is flexible and

Flows like red wine

From a gushing waterfall,

Which embraces the divine.

Love, finally, greets you

With open arms like a

Bartender in a tavern or pub:

Love is where you are

And who you are and,

In the final analysis,

After all, love is love.


Dr. Archan Mehta has earned a PhD. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Freelance Writer and Consultant based in India. Over the years, Dr. Mehta’s creative work has been featured in numerous publications in India, U.K., USA, South Africa and the Middle East. In his free time, Dr. Mehta likes to stroll in the outdoors, party with close friends, listen to music and stay on top of current events. Dr. Mehta is also fond of meditation. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Mehta at

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