Pretty in Pink: 4 Simple Ways to Work With the Color Magic of Pink


With flowers in full bloom, birds in their peak summer plumage, and strawberries ripening on the vine, June is the perfect time to think pink. There’s something about this gentle hue that softens the spirit, opening us to the energy streams of beauty, peace, and compassion all around us. Pink represents universal love and resonates with the Heart Chakra. It symbolizes friendship, affection, and gentleness and is feminine in nature.

We love working with color magic at SG — it’s such a simple way to invoke the energies we wish to embody. Adding a dash of pink to your wardrobe, your makeup, or even your dinner table can lighten moods and lift spirits. It’s also a great way to connect with your heart center, bringing a refreshing infusion of loving-kindness to your day.

While the options are endless when it comes to pink-ifying your magical palette, here are a few of our favorite ways to harness the color magic of pink:

Say Yes to Flower Power

Flowers magic is all about celebrating life and honoring your inner beauty — and a number of our favorite blooms are primed for picking in June. Arranging flowers is a method of meditation in and of itself, and adding fresh-cut pink flowers to your home or altar brings an infusion of loving energy into your space. 

You can also work with flower-infused beauty products like our Magica Rosa Perfume and Pink Lotus Bath Bomb.

Indulge in a Pink Drink

There’s something inherently more fun about a fruity pink drink — and that’s just science. These colorful libations also soften your heart center and open you to the magic of their ingredients. Try stirring up a homemade batch of strawberry lemonade for a delightfully summery refresher. Herbal teas brewed with hibiscus, raspberry, or rose petals also hold a pink hue. Or if you’re feeling sassy, nothing screams pink like a cosmo!

Add a Splash of Pink to Your Altar

Adding a touch of pink to your altar is an easy and eye-pleasing way to incorporate the magic of pink into your practice. Whether you’re crafting a dedicated love altar or just want to bring an infusion of compassion and kindness to your rituals, you can freshen things up with pink fruits and flowers, pink candles, and, of course, plenty of pink crystals. 

Work With Pink Crystals in Your Spiritual Practice

Did you really think we would miss an opportunity to discuss our favorite pink crystals? Crystal magic is one of the best ways to harness the power of color in your spiritual practice — and thankfully, Mother Earth has gifted us a plethora of gorgeous pink gems! Here are just a few lovely pink gemstones that everyone should have in their magical arsenal:

  • Rose Quartz: No list of pink crystals is complete without the mother of all love stones. It’s one of our favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love, and it raises the frequency of peace and love in your space.
  • Pink Amethyst: Pink amethyst is a rare variety of amethyst with the same peaceful vibration and extra emphasis on love, healing, and patience. Its pink color comes from inclusions of hematite, which adds properties of grounding and protection.
  • Pink Sapphire: Pink sapphire is a Heart Chakra gem that embodies love, forgiveness, acceptance, and release. Its light pink hue reflects its soft, comforting vibration — a frequency aligned with the energy of Divine Love.

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