Sage Goddess 5 Ways to Harness the Money Magic of 5/5


Did you know that 5/5 is one of the most powerful days for manifesting abundance? If you’ve been setting intentions for greater wealth and success, now’s the perfect time to propel your desires! Five is the number of money, and its magic comes powerfully to life on May 5. I believe that, like everything, money has a vibration and that it exists first in the etheric realm as energy before manifesting in the material realm. All you wish for is already there, waiting in the ether – and 5/5 is a great time to call it in. If you’re ready to embrace this once-a-year opportunity to attract MAJOR prosperity, this blog – 5 Ways to Harness the Money Magic of 5/5 – is for you.

5 Ways to Harness the Money Magic of 5/5

The sequence of 555 denotes a time of life choices, major change, and opportunity. When you set an intention on 5/5 at 5:55 am or 5:55 pm, you can use this positive energy to your benefit. Here are 5 ways to strengthen your 5/5 intentions:

1. Release what no longer serves you

There’s one key component of manifestation that’s often overlooked: Release. In order to receive, we must first create space. There’s a reason why “spring cleaning” is a universal tradition – our spirits instinctively know that this time of year is perfect for letting go of old, stagnant energies that block us from what we desire.

As we approach 5/5, now’s your chance to release any attachments holding you back. You can do this in a number of ways – by literally clearing out your home, or acknowledging and breaking unhealthy thought patterns. When you release the things that do not serve you, you open up to the things that do.

2. Embrace the power of gratitude

Are you holding onto any self-limiting beliefs around prosperity? Do you believe that you’re worthy of success – that your dreams are within reach? It can be difficult to imagine a life of financial abundance and ease, especially if you’re used to thinking of resources as finite or scarce. But the truth is that abundance is all around you, often in forms that you may not yet recognize.

From now until 5/5, try shifting your perspective on abundance through affirmations and gratitude exercises. Every morning, write down five things you’re grateful for and remind yourself: “I am abundant. I am supported. I have the power to create success everywhere I go.” When the universe hears you acknowledging your blessings and attuning to the vibration of prosperity, what you seek will naturally flow toward you.

3. Call on Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth

In May at Sage Goddess, we’re working with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, luck, and love. Lakshmi is the personification of beauty and adorns herself in rich jewel tones of crimson, fuchsia, and gold – symbols of her prosperity. You can work with this goddess on 5/5 by calling on her during meditation, wearing her colors, or placing her image on your altar. Let her graceful essence serve as a reminder that abundance is everywhere, as long as you open your eyes to it.

4. Work with abundance-attracting stones

Working with healing crystals is one of the most powerful ways to shift your vibration and manifest what you seek. Some of my favorite gems for money magic are citrine, yellow fluorite, and green aventurine. You can work with these stones by holding them in meditation, wearing them as gemstone jewelry, or building a crystal grid as you visualize your desires. When choosing which gems to work with and how to work with them, trust your intuition – it will never lead you astray.

5. Have faith, and let the universe lead the way

When it comes to manifesting abundance, it’s important to remember that you’re a co-creator of your destiny – working in tandem with the universe to manifest what you seek. When setting intentions for abundance, let go, have faith, and trust that the universe is supporting you and everything is unfolding in perfect time. As Rumi once said, “What you seek is seeking you.” And so it is.

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