Sage Goddess 5 Ways to Heal Your Throat Chakra to Connect with Your Inner Truth


When you think of the word “truth,” what feelings does it evoke? Some people believe in one universal truth that is accessible to us all through spiritual enlightenment, yet others believe that the truth is something highly subjective, defined by our individual life experiences. When we think of the Throat Chakra, many of us focus on voice and speech. However, the most important thing about the Throat Chakra isn’t just about how you express yourself, but what you’re saying. The Throat Chakra acts as the channel through which you share inner truth and deepest wisdom. In this blog, I’ll show you 5 Ways to Heal Your Throat Chakra to Connect with Your Inner Truth.

About the Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is located at your physical throat and is associated with your voice and how you share your wisdom with the world. When your Throat Chakra is balanced, you express your truth with clarity and conviction, striking a balance between speaking and listening. Your internal dialogue is also healthy and uplifting – being honest with yourself without putting yourself down. If you find it hard to get the words out or say what you really mean, struggle with listening to what other people are saying, or engage in frequent gossip or negative self-talk, this chakra may be out of alignment.

We can often find healing this chakra difficult because so many of us experienced repression in this area during childhood. In many cultures, it has been a long-held belief that children should be “seen but not heard.” For others, these experiences may have come later in life – feeling silenced by partners, colleagues, and social perceptions of what is appropriate to talk about. Let the following five approaches to healing your Throat Chakra inspire you to explore both individual and collective truths, and help you find ways to feel comfortable expressing them.

5 Ways to Heal Your Throat Chakra to Connect with Your Inner Truth

1. Use Your Voice

You don’t have to talk to other people to grow accustomed to using your voice. If you’re home alone, become your own narrator and try describing out loud how the events of your day make you feel. If you feel silly talking out loud to yourself, try singing in the shower. Even journaling your thoughts and feelings can be a fantastic way to start using your voice. Start simple with a gratitude journal, writing down 3-5 things that happened during the day that made you feel thankful. The key is to find a method of expression that allows you to feel safe giving voice to what is true to you.

2. Color Magic

One aspect of magic I love to practice is color magic, the process of using color intentionally to raise vibrations of sacred items and spaces. The Throat Chakra aligns with the color light blue. Light blue is peace – the deep exhale that releases oxygen from our bodies. It aligns and balances us. Light blue is also associated with spirituality, calm, wisdom, loyalty, and inner depth. It’s the color of the sky and sea and often represents expansiveness.

You can work with color magic to heal and balance your Throat Chakra by lighting blue candles, wearing blue clothing and accessories, and eating blue foods such as blueberries, blue corn, and drinking blue pea flower tea. Or even treat yourself to an indulgent slice of blue velvet cake!

3. Heal with Gemstones

There are so many incredible Throat Chakra-opening gems that you can work with. Some of my favorites are blue lace agate, amazonite, angelite, and turquoise. Blue lace agate opens up creative pathways and is a perfect stone for those who struggle to make themselves heard and wish to express themselves authentically. Amazonite encourages heartfelt communication and helps you speak your truth. Angelite is a master healer stone that brings peace and encourages honest self-expression. Turquoise embodies wholeness and higher truth and helps you find your sacred voice. You can incorporate these stones into meditation or healing work, build a Throat Chakra crystal grid, or simply place them on your altar to enhance energies of authentic communication and expression within your space. I also highly recommend wearing stones as crystal jewelry, so you can harness their healing magic wherever you go.

4. Healing Affirmations

I love working with affirmations – it’s such a quick way to shift your vibration. Take some time to write down and memorize two or three personal affirmations you can return to whenever you need to center and ground your energy. If you need some inspiration, here are a few to get you started:

I am calm, confident, and centered. I express myself and speak my truth with ease. 

My words are filled with love. 

I communicate easily and effectively. My voice matters.

5. Sacred Sound

Music triggers our pleasure centers, releasing dopamine – a “feel happy” neurotransmitter. In addition to making us feel joyous and elated, music has also been associated with an increase in immunity-boosting antibodies. Music is truly universal in a way that connects us to each other and Spirit. You can engage your Throat Chakra by singing along to your favorite tunes – or if sound therapy is more your speed, 741 Hz is a Solfeggio frequency for the Throat Chakra. It’s known to detox the body, mind, and spirit from negativity, anger, jealousy, and other harmful energies. This frequency also increases mental clarity and enhances authenticity. You can play tuning forks that are tuned to 741 Hz in your healing rituals or listen to online music that incorporates this tone to access the benefits of sound therapy for the Throat Chakra.

In closing…

Maintaining flow and alignment through your chakras is critical to cultivating overall health and vitality. The Throat Chakra is the seat of truth – the gateway for your authentic self to enter the world. Heal your Throat Chakra with the above suggestions so that the intelligence of your mind is balanced with the wisdom of your heart, and you find yourself free to express your highest truth. And so it is.

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