Sage Goddess Imbolc and the Return of the Light


The first hints of spring are in the air, and I find myself longing to return to what is pure, clean, and nourishing. For me, this means fresh foods, long walks, organic products, deep meditation, and relaxation. I treat myself to alone time – space to breathe, soaking in warm baths, surrounded by gentle candlelight. My life is not a race to the finish – it is a winding road with luscious turnouts and sweeping views.

Imbolc falls mid-winter and is a time to celebrate the returning light. During this ancient Celtic holiday, our ancestors welcomed the first signs of spring and gave thanks for the coming crops that would bring them abundance and nourishment for the year ahead. This promise of growth in spring reflects the birth of our own new projects and offerings in the world.

Activities that Celebrate Imbolc

  • Pick a handful of dandelions to decorate your altar – but remember to leave some for the bees as it’s their primary food source at this time of year.
  • Celebrate your creativity – draw, sing, or learn to cook a new dish.
  • Spring-clean your home, smudge every room, and sweep out stagnant energy with a besom or broom.
  • Have an Imbolc feast and invite your friends! Enjoy dried fruits and nuts, cheeses, milk-based drinks, and white wine or sparkling grape juice.

Ideas for Imbolc Rituals

  • Draw symbols of winter, such as snowflakes, onto paper or small wood chips and burn them in your fireplace to release the energies of the darker months.
  • Gaze into a bowl of milk to scry for images that may represent what new life is emerging at this time.
  • Light candles on your altar or in another safe place. Work with white candles for purification, yellow for new beginnings, and light green for the fresh growth of spring.

Inner Focus

  • What needs cleansing and purifying in your life?
  • What delicate new growth needs your support right now?
  • What is emerging in you and seeking the light?

Imbolc is a time for appreciating simplicity and beauty. As flowers blossom with the coming of spring, I encourage you to explore what is new and growing in your own life. Have a good spring-clean of your mind, body, and spirit, and sweep out what isn’t serving you so that you are ready to welcome the promise of spring feeling energized and refreshed from winter rest. And so it is.

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