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I love the Moon AND my garden, and growing anything is linked with Luna and her phases. Planting by the Moon goes as far back as our roots on this planet. This blog will just skim the surface, but I hope it gets you excited to put your hands in the dirt and experience the Moon in a new way. Keep on reading to learn more about magical moon gardens and growing by the lunar phases.

The Moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth, giving it a strong influence over us. The Moon’s gravity pulls on Earth’s oceans, causing tides, and its movement affects our emotions, reactions, and even our bodily cycles. The phases of the Moon, technically the phases of the relationship between the Sun and Moon, represent the entire cycle of life – from the birth of a new moon to the blooming or manifestation of the full moon to the completion and releasing of the dying moon. Working with the lunar phases helps you harness the natural rhythm of nature and go with the energetic flow. You can apply this to almost anything for better results with more ease, including growing plants and gardening.

First, here’s a quick rundown of the Lunar Phases

For more detailed info on the Moon and each of the 8 phases, check out our Moon Magic webpage here.

Waxing Cycle

In the sky, the Sun and Moon come together at the New Moon, so we can’t see much of the Moon, if at all. This is the beginning of the entire lunation cycle. New phase is a time to set new intentions and initiate new ideas. Things are dark on the outside, but the inner light and life force are incredibly strong. This is where the spark ignites and life begins. How it will happen or look like in the end isn’t the concern. It just needs to get going! Throughout the remaining waxing cycle, the idea or intention is growing, taking shape, and testing itself out. The waxing moon is an energetically active time that requires sustained effort and movement toward what’s becoming.

Waning Cycle

Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky and we can see the entire Moon reflecting the Sun. Full Moon is the beginning of the waning cycle – the completion of growth during the waxing cycle. Full phase is bright, revealing, and brings awareness. It’s traditionally a time of celebration, gratitude, manifestation, and illumination. Once we see the results of our efforts, we have decisions to make about how to use and share them. It’s also possible we won’t take them any further, accepting that not everything works out. The remaining waning cycle calls for wisdom, reflection, insight, and eventually, letting it all go. The ending of any cycle is so critical to the beginning of the next one. It’s like creating compost from the past to fertilize the seeds of the future.

Bringing it back to Magical Moon Gardens

Draw down the magic of the Moon in your own yard or windowsill. First of all, you can create a Moon Garden with white and silver plants. Snowdrops, narcissus, white tulips, and magnolia are some favorites and silver thyme and silver sage are gorgeous, fragrant additions. If you’re a true Moonchild, you’ll want night-blooming flowers, like evening primrose, night gladiolus, angel’s trumpet, night-scented tobacco, and of course, moonflower! Don’t forget lunar herbs and plants such as eucalyptus, fennel, mugwort, lily, willow, and jasmine. You can Google all kinds of info if you want to learn more.

Growing by the Moon’s Phases

The basic rule is, no planting during the dark or New Moon. Just after the waxing crescent appears in the sky, you can start planting and continue through the waxing half of the cycle. Planting while the Moon’s in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) adds extra growing power. Full Moon is when plants are at peak energy, but as the Moon wanes, her energy fades. Third quarter is traditional harvest time and planting time for things that grow underground like root vegetables. The last quarter of the Moon’s cycle is a barren time when it’s best to tend the soil and focus on compost and weeding.

Growing by the Moon's Phases

In Closing

Honoring the Moon honors life. It increases our receptivity to the ever-changing nature of existence on our planet. Whether you’re planning to tend your garden or your next project, working with the Moon’s cycle will help you harvest the best results, and find meaning in every aspect of the journey. And as always, the Moon is a reminder to nurture what you love and follow your heart. What you create externally is a window into your own soul. Whatever shape or form it takes, may your moon garden grow.

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