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By  Nassir H. Sabah (www.o-books.com)

Divine Happiness Through Spirituality

Spirituality in the present context is to be understood as the quality of being that is  predicated on a sense of closeness and connectedness to The Almighty – the Creator of the  universe and the Guide and Sustainer of everything in it. The existence of The Almighty is  

indisputably evidenced by the Quran, whose myriad miraculous features pose an insurmountable  challenge to disprove its divine origin. For non-Muslims the Quran is to be regarded as a standalone text that should be appraised on its own merits with an open mind and without prejudice or  bias. 

In the book, Spirituality Rekindled: The Quest for Serenity and Self-Fulfillment⁕, it is argued  that such a rational spirituality provides a solid foundation for continual and comprehensive self-development – spiritually, psychologically, morally, and intellectually – driving toward a target  state of supreme serenity and self-fulfillment. It is this self-development that is a most worthy  humanistic endeavor which gives meaning to life. Concomitantly, the advocated spirituality is a  prerequisite for eternal bliss in the afterlife, subject to the will, judgement, and mercy of The  Almighty. 

Embracing Spirituality by no means implies forgoing life’s pleasures and rewards or  forgoing worldly pursuits. All these endeavors need not be shunned, as long as: (i) they are  pursued lawfully and righteously, (ii) their superficiality, vanity, and ephemerality are recognized, and (iii) they do not distract from genuine self-development but rather contribute to  it in meaningful ways. 

The benefits of the advocated spirituality are immense: (i) conquering negative feelings,  such as envy and anger, (ii) alleviation of anxiety and stress, with their detrimental effects on  health and well-being, (iii) fostering positive feelings and attitudes in promoting tolerance,  understanding, and compassion toward all in contrast to ruthless competition, mindless materialism, and all forms of injustice, oppression, corruption, and exploitation, (iv)  experiencing the joy of living without craving and greed, without excessive indulgence or  anxiety about the ending of life’s pleasures, and with a liberating awareness of what is really  important in life and what is vain, superfluous, and illusory, and (v) an elating, intense feeling of  closeness and connectedness to The Almighty. 

Such a spirituality engenders divine serenity and contentment in the feeling that one is being  cared for, guarded, and guided by The Almighty – the most compassionate, the ever-merciful,  the all-loving, the all-knowing, the all-wise, the all-just, and the omnipotent. One would fear nothing, or grieve over anything, and would dauntlessly cope with life’s trials and tribulations in  pursuit of the attainment of eternal bliss in weaven, which is the supreme purpose of life and the  ultimate reward, subject to the will, judgement, and mercy of The Almighty. 

Spirituality Rekindled: The Quest for Serenity and Self-Fulfillment explores the attainment of serenity and self-fulfillment through a rational spirituality, which author Nassir H. Sabah posits is a quality of being predicated on a sense of connection to The Almighty. Incontrovertible, science-based, and objective evidence for the existence of The Almighty is derived from the Quran, which for non-Muslims is to be regarded as a stand-alone text that should be judged on its own merits, without prejudice or bias. Based on this, and on cognizance of the limitations of present-day science, Dr. Sabah makes the case for a spirituality that provides the foundation for a continual, immensely beneficial, and comprehensive self-development – spiritually, psychologically, morally, and intellectually.

About the author

Nassir Sabah is a neuroscientist and Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Professor Sabah has held several administrative positions at the American University of Beirut, as Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department, founding Director of the Institute of Computer Studies, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture from January 1986 through June 1999. In addition, he has more than 35 years teaching experience, mainly in neuro-engineering, biomedical engineering, electronics, and electric circuits.

Since his college years, Professor Sabah has been keenly and personally interested in matters of spirituality, philosophy, and religion. He has done considerable reading and research on these topics and has given public lectures on issues related to the mind-brain problem.

Spirituality Rekindled: The Quest for Serenity and Self-Fulfillment presents a detailed roadmap for this spirituality.

Spirituality Rekindled by Nassir H. Sabah is available from www.o-books.com and wherever books are sold.

BOOK LINK: https://www.johnhuntpublishing.com/o-books/our-books/spirituality-rekindled

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