The 10 Principles of the Feminine: How to embrace feminine energy and find the power within 


Making Sense of Feminine Energy

What a marvellous and mysterious thing, feminine energy! Sought for, loved and hated, persecuted and worshiped throughout millennia by artists, mystics, priests and warriors alike, feminine energy has seen cultures, empires and religions rise and fall. Yet, in its quest to find it and own it, humanity has forgotten to turn within, where the true home of the feminine lies, in every one of us, cradled in our softest, stillest, most powerful, and most beautiful self.

The 10 Principles of the Feminine

The 10 Principles of the Feminine, Roxana Dragusel’s debut book, is a practical guide to this human aspect that is so often misunderstood and underestimated, yet so yearned for by both men and women. Across ten chapters, the book captures the very heart of this energy, each focusing on a different principle: attraction, manifestation, gratitude, joy, beauty, flow, spirit, nurturing, compassion, and lightness of heart. Going through them, the reader finds themselves at the same time on both a spiritual and a very worldly journey of discovering and mastering their own feminine, which might or might not look like what initially imagined.

With the help of her intuition and expertise in energy work, as well as with a keen eye for human nature and psychology, the author reveals why and how the above-mentioned pertain to feminine energy, and how to practically work with them in every-day life in order to find that authentic and unique self-expression without which one feels lost, unloved and unfulfilled. 

Are you feminine…enough? Should men express feminine energy? How does the feminine help navigate human relationships, and why is it so vital to master it? Is intuition real? These are a few of the topics The 10 Principles of the Feminine addresses, but the reader might also finally find additional answers, to lifelong quests regarding love, attractiveness, health, trauma release, emotion management and many others. 

Benefits of using feminine energy

One of the most valuable messages is that feminine energy represents, first and foremost, the inner power that humans can access without any effort, and without any justification, in order to magnetize the ideal connections and the joyful, easy life that everyone is in search of, simply because they exist. Beyond the mundane aspects, the feminine can help us tap into our more spiritual and ethereal nature and explore the higher and unseen dimensions of energy, our intuition and wisdom, and the divine source of all life. Without pertaining to any spiritual or religious current, The 10 Principles of the Feminine opens a door for the reader to explore such subjects (provided they wish to) that can upgrade one’s existence in an unexpected and unexplained but miraculous way.

Energetic dynamic between feminine energy and masculine energy

The energetic dynamic between feminine and masculine (the Yin and the Yang) within us, as well as in relationships, provides a fresh perspective on human behaviour. Neither of the two opposites makes any sense in the absence of the other, and failure to understand these concepts often leads to dramatic connections and heartbreak, as we have daily proof in modern society. The lack of education on this dualistic nature of the human being and of rites of passage assisting young men in women to step into adulthood, which have long been lost, has severe consequences on people’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

These two aspects reflect on all sectors of life, from the relationship we have with ourselves and our social behaviour, to the way we choose our partners and the level of abundance and inner peace we are able to experience. While the masculine governs logical thinking, planning, moving forward, providing, and protecting, and relates to what is outside of us, the feminine is in charge with emotion, going with the flow, being present, nurturing and healing, and relates to what lies inside of our being.

We live in a masculine world, and if you have doubts about it, just turn on your TV, where the emphasis on science, AI, armed conflicts, external packaging, and the material realm in general is more than obvious. Not only that education is tailored as such to fulfil the ambitious and intellectual goals of the masculine, but we are also governed by authority figures that express the same unbalanced energy.

Balancing feminine energy and masculine energy

 All aspects of this energy are fundamentally good and useful, however in the absence of the feminine we are dealing not with growth, but with an imbalance. Being out of touch with feminine energy results in a disconnect from ourselves and the divine, from our needs and emotions, and to the incapacity to heal on a profound level, as well as to be compassionate towards both ourselves and others.

Above all, it translates into feelings of spiritual unfulfillment – the greatest and most artificial disease of modern times, which is further the root cause of endlessly chasing ephemeral and meaningless incentives at all cost, such as validation from others, status and money, and ultimately prompts to the questions like ‘What is the purpose of life?’ or ‘Is this all there is?’. 

The purpose of life is firstly to enjoy it as it unfolds on this physical plane. One cannot truly enjoy it unless connecting to their feminine energy, understanding it and appreciating it. This involves being present in the body more and respecting its boundaries instead of trying to change it, letting go of control, being grateful and mindful, trusting intuition, and finally turning within where all answers lie, next to that spark of divinity which humans have forgotten all about. We are all born of the feminine and never cease to look for it, and rightly so, since living without it is both difficult and empty.

The 10 Principles of the Feminine  by Roxana Dragusel is available from and from wherever books are sold.


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