The Art of Energizing Yourself


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Barefoot Minimalists.

Energy is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and it can come from many different sources. When you feel tired or sluggish, you may attribute that to lack of sleep, improper nutrition or maybe a cup of coffee you had that wasn’t nearly strong enough. It’s easy to think that if you aren’t feeling energized, you need to alter your physical state. But there is a whole other world of energy that can be harnessed solely from inspiration and true joy. 

Think back to the last time you had a crush and how just a text from them would give you an insane amount of energy. That’s the kind of energy we’re talking about here. The art of energizing yourself is about tapping into this source of energy and learning how to harness it to improve your life. 

Energy Givers vs Energy Takers 

At one point or another, you may have had a friend who left you feeling like you’ve just run a marathon after spending time with them. Or maybe you have certain tasks that you avoid like the plague because they drain you of your energy. 

This is where the concept of energy givers and energy takers comes in. Energy givers are the people, activities, and experiences that leave you feeling energized, fulfilled, and excited about life. This could be spending time with loved ones or trying out a new hobby. 

On the other hand, energy takers are the people, activities, and experiences that leave you feeling exhausted, depleted, and drained. These are overly negative or demanding people, tasks that you dread doing, or even environments that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious. 

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the energy takers in your life, and we don’t always have time for our energy givers either. The key to energizing yourself is simply to identify your givers and takers and find a balance between the two. 

Finding Your Energy Givers 

We all have things in our lives that energize us, whether it’s a hobby, a person, or simply some alone time to recharge.

When you prioritize and hold space for your energy givers, you’re essentially investing in yourself. By honoring the things that make you happy, you’re increasing your resilience to stress and negativity. It’s like putting money into a savings account—the more you invest, the more you’ll have to draw on in times of need. 

Examples of energy givers can vary widely depending on the person. 

Below are some of mine. 

  • Spending time in nature. 
  • Having a deep conversation. 
  • Making meaningful connections. 
  • Laughing so hard it hurts. 
  • Taking a cold water dip. 
  • Being in a creative flow state. 

Make a list of your energy givers. Then make sure to carve out time for them in your schedule, even if it means saying no to other things. 

Overcoming Energy Takers 

Energy takers can manifest in many ways, from the negative Nancy at work to the never—ending pile of laundry that seems to multiply faster than rabbits. 

Unfortunately, you don’t always have the power to change the things and people in your life. Unless negative Nancy quits, you’ll have to interact with her. And if you want to wear clean clothes, you’ll always have laundry that needs to be done. What you do have control over are the boundaries you set for yourself. 

You can set boundaries with negative people to limit your interactions with them. If the negative person in your life is a coworker, ask your supervisor if they can put you on different projects or schedules when possible. Alternatively, if they start a conversation that you know will drain your energy, simply walk away. Remember that you are under no obligation to entertain someone else’s negative thoughts. 

When it comes to overwhelming tasks, breaking them down into smaller, manageable chunks can make them less daunting. Instead of letting that pile of laundry build up, run a load every couple days. 

Below are some examples of my energy takers. 

  • Overcommitment (planning too many things in a short amount of time).

Now, write a list of your energy takers and think about what changes you can make to lessen their effect on your life. 

In Conclusion 

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that energy only comes from physical factors, like sleep and food, but that’s simply not the case. By prioritizing the things that bring you joy and inspiration, you can tap into a whole other world of energy. 

So next time you’re feeling sluggish, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, think about what may be zapping you of your energy. Did you just interact with a negative person? Maybe you spent most of your day scrolling on social media? Whatever it was, focus on removing it from your life and replacing it with something that gives you energy. 

Remember, energizing yourself is not just about what you put into your body, but also what you feed your mind and soul.


Barefoot Minimalists is a space to celebrate the joys of living a simple and minimal life. Their goal is to make the minimalist lifestyle approachable and to help you live with less while being content with what you have. You can follow them on instagram here.

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