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Here we are, gathering together for another beautiful fall season! Turning the Great Wheel once again, we say our grateful goodbyes to the golden days of summer and a heartfelt hello to autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn in magical traditions is a powerful time of deep spiritual communication. Mabon, or the fall equinox, is the major step into this season of transformation. We celebrate the lengthening of night and darker days that draw us into a more reflective phase when we can look back on the year and acknowledge both what we have grown and released. The autumnal equinox is one of two dates in the year when day and night are of equal length. It’s an energetic cusp of perfect balance, and as we cross over, we step into the shadowy half of the year. The days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and the leaves on trees begin to change colors, reminding us that we too are going through changes. In this blog, I’m so excited to share the magic of Mabon with you.

Each harvest in the Wheel of the Year aligns to one of the shamanic worlds: Lammas to the Upper World of akashic guidance, angelic inspiration, and higher energies; Mabon to the Middle World of our mortal lives, waking consciousness, and soul contracts for this incarnation; and Samhain to the Lower World of bones, shadows, and creatures who teach us how to navigate the dark, complicated spaces within our natures. Mabon helps us understand how our committed intentions and actions can help us truly change our lives.

Mabon is a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honor the moment of balance. You can honor this Sabbat by simultaneously appreciating the harvests you have joyfully reaped and remembering the ones that sadly did not come to fruition. Before the holidays arrive, enjoy the sweet fruits of your labors. You’ve worked so hard. And even if all you sought this year did not come to pass, SO MUCH did and you need to take a moment to celebrate that, even the small harvests that you think aren’t significant. They’re still something that you carried from intention to manifestation with your passion, patience, and faith.  

While you are gratefully focusing on the juicy, abundant yield of your harvest, remember that it’s equally important to acknowledge what died on the vine. It’s okay, downright healthy really, to grieve for the crops that bore no fruit. Recognize your efforts and reflect on the choices that led to those results. Is there anything you might want to do differently the next time? Instead of looking for what you “did wrong,” view it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the parts of your life that you seek to change. You’re a human being, gloriously messy and bursting with complexity and contradiction. You can’t get it right every time. Like nature, you’re not perpetually in balance, nor are you supposed to be. At Mabon, you’re reminded that nature itself is only in balance twice a year and that you can observe your decisions without harsh judgment and in the quest of a deeper and constantly evolving wisdom. 

And remember, the late harvests still count, and you’re not done yet! In winemaking, which is what my family did for decades in Crete before the war came and their crops were destroyed, the sweetest wines come from the last grapes pulled off the vines. That late harvest wine is like thick honey syrup, and your continued efforts will infuse the fruit of these later days with their blend of flavors and aromas. If you aren’t ready to bring in your crops just yet, go ahead – take a few more weeks. What you yield then will likely be sweeter for the delay. At this point, you’ll be ready to step fully into shadow season and encounter the darker aspects of yourself with acceptance and a higher level of awareness. Remember, the dark is simply another part of the light, and not inherently bad or evil. We all need to acknowledge and integrate the many levels of our being to be whole and live from that place of total acceptance and aliveness.

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