The Narcissist and the Awakening


A spiritual guide to healing and taking back your power.

The narcissist and the awakening is grounded in psychological research, but takes a look at emotional abuse from a spiritual perspective. Within the pages, author Paris Stephenson explores the possible influence of karma and past life events on our current relationships.

 Karma being the sum of a person’s actions in this life and previous states of existence. Inquiring and examining why we might have soul contracts with narcissists and why some relationships with our soul family might be destructive. The importance of transcending these ancient karmic connections is also explored so that we can reclaim our power, discard karmic ties that are no longer needed, and begin to create our own destiny, taking a new direction and shifting our consciousness into a higher vibration that forces on self-love. 

Author Paris believed that from what she experienced, it was a spiritual phenomenon, something more was going here, this wasn’t like any of the romantic relationships she had before. The feeling inside her was different, the love she felt coming from within was out of this world as if the spirit of God was touching her.  And through this touch she was encouraged to take a closer look at herself, what then followed way a deep inner knowing that was saying “Awaken to your divine power within,” prompting her to write, and share after all this feeling she was experiencing couldn’t be over looked. With that in mind she began to research, but was unable to find much information about the spiritual side of relationships and connections formed. So, with divine guidance she made it her mission to create a book, something that talks about narcissistic abuse from a different angle. She understood that like herself there are others who are dealing with co-dependency and lacking in self-love but through her words she hopes to bring about some change to how controversial topic is viewed to support both the abused and the abusee. 

The narcissist and the awakening is here to offer a different view on emotional abuse, with the hope of bringing us all closer together as human beings. 

Right now, many people are healing at an accelerated rate from out dated karmic wounds they have been carrying for possibly thousands of years. This is likely an uncomfortable and painful process, if you have experienced emotional abuse, then this book will be a small but useful tool, assisting you along your journey, with its aim to kickstart your spiritual ascension and new beginnings, bringing forth wisdom, meditation and prayer. 

While Narcissism has become a mainstream topic, and is increasingly viewed as having cultural as well as individual significance. This book will appeal to many people coping with a difficult relationship, and especially to readers with an interest in esoteric concepts such as karma, reincarnation and spiritual growth. Really anyone on the spiritual path may find some benefit from reading this and generally speaking, anyone who wants to learn more about the meaning of their close personal bonds but for those whose close relationships are playing a key part in unlocking their higher potential they can find immense support within these pages.

Paris Stephenson grew up in south east London and was inspired to write this book after forming a relationship with a work colleague, her journey began with journaling to cope with the turbulence caused by the events that were taking place and then transpired into writing. She knew that how she was viewing her experience with a narcissist and other relationships was not being offered. This was inspirational to her and a reason to begin writing. Gods’ love and guidance has been her biggest reason, and through this book she feels she is spreading his light. Without forming a relationship with God, none of this would have been possible for her to do, each step of the way she had been supported by God and wants others to know that they too have this channel open to them. 

While narcissism recovery is a growing market in publishing, there appear to be no books on the spiritual significance of emotional abuse.

The Narcissist and the Awakening: A spiritual guide to healing and taking back your power breaks new ground in exploring the karmic significance of destructive relationships, and looks at why it is so important to do the difficult work of recognising, acknowledging breaking free from such patterns. There are plenty books offering psychological advice on how to deal with it, but The Narcissist and the Awakening: A spiritual guide to healing and taking back your power goes beyond mental and emotional symptoms to look at the roots of narcissism, and what is means to have a spiritual soul tie with another individual but with gentle care and self love how healing can blossom into a spiritual awakening and a whole new area of development. 

There is increasing awareness of emotional abuse in the West, and Paris believes that many readers would welcome an approach that gives a more profound meaning to their experience of emotional abuse. With Paris’s experience of narcissism, combined with in-depth research into the topic, it has resulted in a book that is accessible and timely. She admits, “Writing this book, I feel exposed and that I am baring my soul to the world; this is not easy for me. For everyone who reads it, they are reading a part of me, and for me, that’s a little scary, but I know it is my calling to support others who like myself have struggled with the emotional pain of a relationship”. Paris has a passion to support others along their healing journey she is a qualified Reiki practitioner and is currently in her final year training as a person-centred counsellor. 

To see more of what she offers visit her on TikTok (Stillhealing111) she creates short videos offering mediation tips, distance healing and other spiritual based teachings that aim to inspire and help people in rediscovering their own authenticity and power.

The Narcissist and the Awakening by Paris Stephenson is available from and from wherever books are sold.

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