The Price of Excellence: Tim Grover on Winning and Success


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What separates champions from the ordinary? What is the path that leads to the pinnacle of success? These are questions that endlessly fascinate us, and rightfully so. Tim Grover, renowned performance coach who has transformed great athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant into the legends they are today, dissects these mysteries in a compelling conversation with Jeff Fenster, the force behind everbowl and host of ‘The Jeff Fenster Show‘.

The Solitude of Success

Grover paints a rather unexpected picture of success: a champion, alone, basking in the glow of victory. This seeming paradox, according to Grover, is integral to achieving greatness. It’s the solitude that forces champions to confront the efforts that fuel their triumph and truly appreciate their journey. This nuanced view of success upends the traditional narrative, offering a poignant look at the hidden toll of excellence.

Finding Your ‘Why’

Another essential piece of the success puzzle that Grover emphasizes is the ‘why’. Every successful person, whether an athlete, a CEO, or an entrepreneur, has a purpose that serves as the driving force behind their journey. The pursuit of a goal is meaningless without a purpose, a mission, a vision. According to Grover, this ‘why’ is what keeps one fueled during trying times. It’s an interesting perspective that underscores the importance of purpose in any endeavor.

Motivation vs Elevation: Understanding the Difference

Most people believe motivation is the key to success. Grover challenges this notion, drawing a crucial distinction between motivation and elevation. He eloquently states, “Motivation is the spark that gets you going. Elevation is the fire that keeps you going.” This paradigm shift reminds us that motivation is just the beginning. The fire that propels us forward, keeps us going, is the passion, the drive, the determination, and the relentless will to succeed.

Counting the Cost of Excellence

Grover doesn’t sugarcoat the harsh reality of the pursuit of excellence. He lays it bare: “Winning will cost you everything, but we will reward you with so much more.” This stark reminder underscores the commitment required to reach the pinnacle of greatness. It serves as a wake-up call to those who seek the rewards of success without being willing to pay the price.

The Indispensable Role of a Coach

Grover also emphasizes the often-underestimated role of a mentor in the journey to success. He points out that even the best, like Kobe, Jordan, or LeBron, had a coach guiding them through their toughest moments. He argues for the necessity of having a guiding light to navigate the dark and challenging moments in one’s journey.

In conclusion, Grover’s insights into the nature of success force us to question our conventional understanding. His philosophies – the importance of understanding the loneliness of success, finding one’s ‘why’, distinguishing between motivation and elevation, acknowledging the cost of excellence, and recognizing the role of a mentor, provide a thought-provoking narrative on what it truly takes to achieve greatness. As Grover succinctly states, “Winning will cost you everything, but we will reward you with so much more,” reminding us of the trials and triumphs inherent in the pursuit of success.

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