The Truth about a Psychic Stone Circle


The Truth about a Psychic Stone Circle

By Diana Mary Rose

Diana Mary Rose, spiritual author of Atlantis and Gaia: Magic and Earth Healing (published June 2023). Available from Amazon, WH Smith, Kindle and other bookstores, or direct from the publisher

 What is a stone circle?

Well, it does have a psychic aspect.  They are eerie old sites, after all. Today, as you can see from me leaning upon a headstone, these circles are in general for enjoyment alone. I went over to Birkrigg Common recently, and there it was, an ancient stone circle up on the moor overlooking Morecombe Bay. Not eerie though. It was nice.  I had a great time wandering about.

And yet there could be something strange going on here. The circle could be full of sparks and fireflies flashing their wings in my mind. They flit about the stones here, and you could perceive one if you were an exceptional clairvoyant. You may see healing wands too, and even spirit healers gliding around the bay nearby. 

Stones and their purpose

Stone circles are healing covens of multiple dimensional purposes. They heal the earth ground, and even you today may receive their wisdom. Look at me in the picture. I am being healed as I absorb the love and wonder of the mother ground. There is a ley line directly below this headstone. It channels energy up through the rock and into my lower body. Even now Birkrigg heals to a certain degree, although its power is depleted. By resting upon a headstone, I am allowing the value, or healing potential, of that ley line to reach out to me. This is called a ground earth healing event, and I am showing you how it works. Not that I knew that. I was just looking for a useful place to rest while my husband took a photograph. You won’t either if you visit. Absorbing leys happens naturally. 

Alternatively, these stones could be known as covens of magicianry. This means that workers of light once lived and breathed the ground I tread right now.  That is also an event, albeit a past life one. No magicians are here now. They are long dead and buried aboard a boat on Cartmel Sands. This is the sandbank near to Birkrigg, and most likely it is here that the magicians, at the end of term on the planet, would beg to be arranged majestically onto a boat and towed into the night air. Magicians used to leave their bodies to the sea. They would float away and be healed through Mother Nature’s natural seascape. That is the way of magicians. 

An archaeologist might argue that Birkrigg is an ancient form of deist worship. Or it must be an observatory to the stars. Well, I would disagree with both these thoughts. I believe that all people on Earth once used healing circles, such as mine here, to connect with the universal energy called dynamos. The stones are derelict today, but yesteryear they held within their coven much energetic healing power, otherwise known as performance.

There were no religions back in the earliest days on Earth. There was the sun, the moon, and the stars. That is all. And of course, the weather. That was a form of energy too. Light and energy was all that mattered to our earliest forebears. The world was a dark and dank hole of forested land, although there were some areas of light. It was dangerous, and difficult terrain to navigate via its clogged-up waterfalls, derelict river systems and hedges full of prickles. Most certainly there were bears and snakes too, over yonder by the fells. Death came easily. Life was a dangerous concoction of mud and glazed eyesight. On the positive side there would have been ley lines to glow in the winter dimness, crossed hedgerows glistening with dew, and most certainly stone circles to huddle beneath, should a storm be brewing. 

Stone circles were buildings. 

Light came through a central hole in the timbered roof, pouring onto a great slab of earth where a client sat while he waited for healing to take place. The gods were late on occasion. He might have to wait awhile. The Jupiter light was behind a cloud maybe, or even the sunlight was badly placed for once. Healing took time when everything depended upon the wind, the weather, and the solstice worth. Tricky operations had to wait until the moonlight was precise. It had to be a full moon. Purity mattered.

Healing was complex back then. An earthen slab to lay upon was used rather than a slab of stone, which might have been cleaner, because it could be moved around. Lights do not reflect healing unless it be the correct time of day, and only then when the clouds were clear. As I said, light healing takes time. Other tribesmen would sit around the edges of the huge room, waiting for the storm to subside. Stone circles were community hubs as well as healing centres.They were multi taskers.

In my photo I am resting on an ancient stone. Headstones, as they are known, heal via the leys beneath the ground. The circle centre, via its timbered dome, channelled light from afar. That is the observatory aspect which archaeologists intuit. Ancient people were not worshipping the stars though. They were enlightened beyond that level of reasoning. They made wands from wood and played the lute too. Music heals just as well as magicianry. There were no deist thoughts here. There were forested pathways, ley lines and forest fairs where all would bring their wares to sell and barter. There were also magical thoughts about one world co-existing with another. We were all psychic back then.  That is something we have lost mostly, although reiki is a much-reduced power for today’s new Aquarian Era.

 Atlantis and Gaia

There is much to learn from Mother Gaia, and some of it will be discovered in my book, out now in paperback and kindle. For consultations

 Diana’s book is available from Amazon ISBN 978-1-80341-158-3, 

£13.99 paperback; £6.25 kindle

Article remains the copyright of the author, Diana Mary Rose, 2023

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