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The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David /

Vocal Sound Healing is the Medicine of the Future

Who are the true you? 

You are energy, sound, frequencies – and as stem cell biologist and author Bruce Lipton so beautifully expresses it: You are a broadcast, your body is a television, an organism full of sensors, which constantly send out and receive messages.

When you listen non-judgmentally to the signals of your own voice and tune into the messages it offers you, then you start to realize who you truly are. 

The Danish pioneer in Vocal Sound Therapy, author and composer, Githa Ben-David shares her experience from 36-year work with the phenomenon “The Note from Heaven”, “Hung Song”, “Regressive Cell-singing”, “Sound scanning” in her book “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing”, released on the 25th of November 2022 on O-Books.

The Note from Heaven

During extended studies of Classical Indian Khyal singing in1985 -1995, I trained to sing on my ground note – a deep note which is sung with a full support from your lowest part of your diaphragm (the stomach is pushed actively inside during exhalation). Here I experienced a phenomenon of being sung from above. It feels like a column of energy – you sing and is sung simultaneously. A timeless Oneness state envelopes you.

“A bird does not fly – it is flown. A fish does not swim – it is swum.” Viktor Schauberger

I call the phenomenon: The Note from Heaven. The singer is like a baby bird opening its mouth singing “Haaar” while being fed by energy vibrating through your body. You could call this experience a unity with God, or you could see it as if you become Nicola Tesla’s Wardencliff Tower attracting photons into your electromagnetic field. As the source of photons are infinite and interconnect us and the entire Universe, this explanation is also plausible. 

The moment you realize that your voice reflects a unique matrix of frequencies, that not even your identical twin would have similar, because it represents exactly who you are – and always will be – then you start to understand that you are an eternal being shifting vehicles, an old soul responsible for the sounds you send out in the world.

By expressing your Self vocally in the realm of duality, you get the opportunity to grow your awareness in the reflection of your voice’s resonance with the surroundings. When surrendering into listening to the quality of your vocal expression, not only your voice opens up but also all your cells will open their cilia/sensors/antennas. This is because a grounded true listening is opening the veil to Oneness. Like you tune an old-fashioned radio, you tune the voice until a clear signal appears, expressing a field of under- and overtones – without you doing anything else than opening your voice in “Haaar”, urging yourself to open more and more to Oneness.

In the field of Oneness your breath unites with your spiritual true self, the source which is creating the programs of your “broadcast”. You merge into a timeless union of past, present and future, – a reflection of all your experiences, thoughts, history, energetic patterns which you with your predefined wish can transform exactly how you wish them to be. How? Why? Because you can embrace and eliminate traumas in the Oneness field. You will remember the traumas afterwards, but they will no longer influence you. 

Regressive Cell-Singing

In duality, the quality of your breath, grounded from the Hara, will express your present condition. We all carry traumas in our sound/energy field. These traumas stand in the way for us to unfold our path on Earth. 

In my International Education for Vocal Sound Therapy, the Singer makes a wish. This wish has most often a debilitating primary feeling linked to it (I am not good enough, I am not allowed to be here, I do not want to be here, I don’t belong). E.g. “I wish to dissolve the root-course of not being good enough in order to unfold my potentials and walk my path on Earth.”

Tricker words linked to the trauma that should be dissolved in order to fullfill this wish, will create a somatic experience of tensions, which often is accompanied by a withheld cry. Through the release of vocal sounds that resonate with the tension and/or notes expressed in the cry, the traumas are embraced and expressed vocally in a full surrender. The embracement of pain (the beast) leads you into Oneness. This is the place that we instinctively escape to, when life gets to burdened for us. The trauma is lifted into Oneness – where you become pure sound. Here the therapist is helping you to transform the root course of the trauma by creating a new positive story, while you as a Singer adapts the story so that it feels totally right for you. If the surrendering is successful, then when returning to Duality level, you will no longer react to the tricker words, but laugh of them. 

The more traumas you release, the easier it becomes to enter the state of Oneness. You gradually learn how to open and close the veil. In the state of Oneness you get access to healing powers and can start to share your light with the world. Then the next step is to do vocal sound healing.

Vocal Sound Scanning

As your voice is unique, it also has unique skills. All voices can heal, some are stronger in a certain field than others – and this field will show up, when you start to give treatments.

The magic of vocal sound healing or scanning is that your voice as a sound healer will react with audible changes in the overtones and undertones colouring your voice, when entering the energy field of a receiver. When moving your head, let’s say with a fixed sound “u” in a middle range note, then the signal will change according to the electric condition of the energy body of the receiver. If for example the sound will open up around solar plexus it will feel like a ball of energy is surrounding the two of you. While keeping the same note and moving the head slightly up or down, listen then carefully to the sound, which will change and get flatter in the expression. Then move slowly back to Solar Plexus and boom – the sound opens again.

When you have experienced this phenomenon thousands of times – and when the receiver is responding to you that they clearly can feel the energy getting activated in this particular area of their body, then you start to “know” from experience, that vocal sound healing is the most wonderful tool for healing.

Heal Your Pineal with Hung Song

Undertones appear, if and when a body needs them. They sound awful in a classical sense but feels really good in the body. The cat’s purr or the bee’s hum, deep notes that enter the skeleton. 

There are two kinds of undertones: 

The open undertones are sung through the mouth on open cracking vowels.

The inner undertones are heard loudly inside the head and are sung through the nose on a cracking Hunnng- sound in a mechanical, growling sound.

The Hung-sound is phenomenal for self-healing. As your vocal expression follows your awareness you can heal any part of your body. For example try to focus your Hung sound to the Pineal gland, which is extremely important to purify as it stands unprotected in the bloodstream in the center of your brain. Since the Pineal gland is in charge of transforming light into chemistry (melatonin, DMT, Sulphate, the body’s circadian rhythm…) a purification of you Pineal gland likely calcified by fluoride, aluminum, chloride… will be lifechanging for you. An investigation in 2016 showed that in 1000 children 8-16 years old 38 percent had a calcified Pineal gland. My experience shows that you can purify your Pineal with Hung-song. If there are toxins the sound will be jumpy and not stable. Be aware only to sing maximum 3 minutes on it at a time – move then to some other place in the body (Hypothalamus and Pituitary I suggest), as you may feel dizzy and or get a spontaneous detox if you overdo the purification of the Pineal.

Githa Ben-David’s methods of Vocal Sound Healing can be used of every breathing soul on Earth.

The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David is available from or from wherever books are sold


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