The Value of Spiritual Growth in Relationships


Spiritual compatibility

Before you enter a serious relationship with your partner, it is important to consider how your spiritual growth may affect your commitment. This can allow you to make necessary adjustments and accept your partner regardless of his or her spiritual standing. In most cases, differences in spiritual beliefs and feelings can lead to break-ups in relationships. Many people find it difficult to cope with a dominant partner who wants to control everything in a relationship and not give their partners space to exercise their spiritual freedom. For instance, if you have a partner who would not allow you to go to a church of your choice or to read the Bible, it means that person does not want you to advance your spiritual and understanding thereby hindering you spiritually.

Spiritual growth and development work in connection to your inner feelings, your soul, and how you relate to God. If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner does not recognize your spiritual growth, it is important to know how you would go about dealing with the situation without damaging your relationship.


you need to be cautious and careful about how you relate to your partner especially with regard to your spiritual beliefs. It is always important to win by example. When your partner notices positive contribution you make in your relationship because of your spiritual growth, he/she may change and join you.


spiritual growth can work very effectively when you invite the Holy Spirit into your relationship. God’s Word says that the Holy Spirit is the teacher and advisor in all matters pertaining to relationships and spiritual matters. Once you allow the Holy Spirit to take over your life, you will know how to go about the most intricate aspects of your relationship and receive adequate solutions for every problem. Excellence in spiritual growth and relationships are not possible without the presence of the Holy Spirit.


you need to look at your relationship in retrospect if you want to advance in your spiritual growth. The further backwards you can look into your relationship, the further ahead you are likely to see into the same relationship. How has your relationship progressed over the past years? Has your partner been dominant and controlling, not allowing you to excel in your spiritual growth? The answers to these questions may give you a better platform to address your spiritual issues. You may begin to see what you need to change, and where you need to improve in order to maintain the relationship and advance in your spiritual growth as well.


you need to realize that both your relationship and spiritual growth are important. You should not lose your relationship at the expense of your spiritual issues; neither should you forfeit your chances of spiritual growth and development because you want to save a relationship. Therefore, you should work on both issues simultaneously and find suitable means of addressing them without negating either side. Spiritual growth, maturity, and development can add value to your relationship if you nurture them in the right way and you don’t use them to offend your partner and other people you relate to. Relationship advisors and experts argue that for successful dating or marriage relationships, the issue of spiritual growth needs to be seriously addressed.

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