There Is No Lack in The Kingdom of God


We are destroyed by a lack of knowledge

There is nothing lacking in God’s people…we have it all within us, because HE is within us. The issue is not one of lack, but of receiving ….

The scriptures tell us that we are complete in Him.

He has overcome all things for us.

We have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness and lack, and translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son!

We are destroyed by a lack of one powerful thing….knowledge. We are in His likeness, in His image…God has no lack.

Everything we need is already within us. So how do we get it from inside us to an outward expression? We have to change our thinking. We have to get the understanding that we really are complete, lacking nothing because He gave it all. We must align our thoughts, understanding and will to His. The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want! When we know it, our perspective changes. We start operating out of this fullness within us, every good thing, instead of lack mentality.

Stop asking and receive

Instead of repeatedly asking for things we have already been given, we thank God we have it. We acknowledge God and what we have instead of always “needing” something that we have not yet seen with our physical senses. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven. Jesus said to pray that His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! He is good and wants you to prosper in body, soul and spirit. We acknowledge that we have received the abundance of His Kingdom! On earth! Bring it into your NOW! Cast down all false images that flicker across your mind-all that is contrary to what your will in agreement with His will is standing and believing for. We just don’t know what we’ve got….It starts form the inside out. We give thanks, because thanks says we do indeed already have it. The kingdom is in you…and all that goes with it!

We move from waiting on something, to acknowledging we have it …then we start seeing it manifest for us. Give thanks now! A heart of gratitude is powerful!  We shouldn’t praise Him to get something, we praise Him because we have it in the spiritual realm – after all, didn’t He say we did? He said All spiritual blessings…and it’s on it’s way to us in the earthly realm! Believing will cause it to manifest. If it’s not allowed in Heaven, we bind it here on earth. If it’s true in heaven, we can loosen it here to us on earth. This is the proper alignment we need to bring “as it is in Heaven” to earth.

Lack is a mindset

One is need based living, the other is abundant life. Ask yourself, which one am I operating from? The Bible says that all our needs are met according to His riches in glory. Sounds like a statement to me, not a maybe. How much of this we see released in our lives is according to the work of His power within us…according to what we are able to receive. The word in Ephesians says that Paul prayed that our eyes would be open to wisdom and revelation…so we can see (His kingdom) riches in Jesus’ inheritance , IN us, the hope of glory! (His goodness) We would not be given hope of these things if He was never going to give them to us. Now faith (believing today) is the substance of things hoped for. It is His GOOD pleasure to GIVE US the kingdom! He already gave it through Jesus. The kingdom IS within us and the kingdom IS at hand, for each who can hear what He is saying. Can we receive this wisdom and revelation and release that which is within us? As with all things, the Kingdom begins in your mindsets. Set your mind, heart and affections on kingdom living, on things above that has now been placed within you since Jesus bought and brought the kingdom to us here on earth.

Need based mentality

Our mentalities can be so “need based” it stops us from receiving the wonderful manifestations of the very things we are perceiving as lack into our lives. God is bringing new understanding, revealing truth so God’s people can shift into the Kingdom inheritance, an inheritance that we already have! To him who has, even more is given. Do you believe you have it?

We cannot “pray down” what has already been given and resides within us. Lack thinking,(lack of healing, lack of money, lack of blessings etc, whatever you think is lacking in your life) causes us to struggle and strive. The enemy would have you stuck here forever! This has created a mindset that actually hinders us from the knowledge and revelation that will release the kingdom in our lives. It is a continuing cycle we stay on that defeats the abundant life Jesus came to give. The truth will set you free. Jesus is TRUTH. Therefore, you cannot stay deceived when you are seeking truth.

Break the cycle

As with any stronghold in our minds, we see truth (the mirror of God’s word ) and then after seeing, we walk away from that reflection and cannot see. We have to allow God’s Spirit to remove that mindset in us. This is often a process and we have to keep the truth we are seeing ever before us until it becomes revelation that we walk in.

It is time to walk in His kingdom and all that Jesus provided by the cross, our inheritance. Let the poor say I am rich! Let the weak say I am strong! We sing it, but do we really know it? See it, and you can have it. Everyone that has asked, has received.  We asked, we received, and we release it from within us. It can be that simple. Start praising Him for the things you have received….this helps release what is within you. We understand that praise and worship is powerful and can move mountains. Now it’s time to learn to walk in the Kingdom. Doing so releases the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. We each play a part in the release of His greater glory, the latter rain and the former rain together. (In other words, extreme glory)! Can you feel the showers beginning?  It is raining!  

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