These Are the Most Diverse and Equitable Franchises in 2024


A franchise is most successful when it reaches a wide variety of communities — and to do that best, it needs to bring a diversity of voices and experiences into its franchisee and corporate-level ranks. That’s why, for the third year, we’ve chosen the 100 franchises that we think are doing the most to expand opportunities for all.

Typically, our franchise lists are created by gathering and crunching a lot of data, and then ranking brands based on the results. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts can be difficult to quantify, so we’ve chosen the companies on this list editorially, and they’re listed alphabetically instead of ranked. To determine which brands to include, we considered a number of factors, including: any incentives offered to franchisees from underrepresented groups; diversity among franchisees; diversity within the leadership team; and other company initiatives or programs related to DEI. We also asked leaders from each company why their brand values DEI and what specific ways they have found to promote and support it. You’ll find a sampling of their answers below.

If DEI is important to you, this list can be a great starting point for finding a franchise company that aligns with your mindset. But keep in mind that the list is not intended as a recommendation of any particular company, and it’s important to do your own homework before investing in any franchise opportunity. That means reading the company’s legal documents, consulting with an attorney and an accountant, and talking to current and former franchisees about their experiences.

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We Asked..

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to your company?

“Our franchisees serve diverse consumers and communities, spanning various demographics, cultures, and backgrounds. By promoting diversity within our support team and franchise community, we ensure that we can effectively connect with our guests.” — Jessica McDonald, senior director of brand marketing, Altitude Trampoline Park

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to the foundation of a thriving, innovative franchise community. We believe that embracing different perspectives enhances our business culture, nurtures creativity, and ensures everyone has a seat at the table, making a positive impact on our community.” — Tina Bacon-DeFrece, CEO, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More

“Our founders, leaders, and the majority of our franchisees are people of color and women. We understand firsthand the significance of seeing individuals who resemble us in positions of leadership and influence. This representation not only reflects the diverse communities we serve, but also ensures our products and services cater to a broad range of needs.” — Vishal Bhasin, cofounder, Wize Computing Academy

How has your company promoted DEI at the corporate or franchise level?

“In 2023, we placed an emphasis on accessibility as our DEI focus. This initiative encompasses projects such as improved signage, autistic certification, email accessibility, recruitment efforts, internships, campground design, and technology partnerships, all aimed at enhancing the camping experience for individuals with diverse needs.” — Whitney Scott, senior vice president of strategy, Kampgrounds of America (KOA)

“We tell our community that ‘ballet is for everybody.’ Our Ballet Storytime curriculum and our monthly Ballet Book Club both feature visual representations of characters that are diverse in race, gender, and body type. We want our students to see that ballet is more beautiful when differences are included and honored in the studio and on the stage.” — Genevieve Custer Weeks, founder and CEO, Tutu School

“Our values statement has always included: ‘We embrace diversity in our community.’ We share that with our franchisees, their teams, and retail customers. Just one example of putting it into action is our support of the Black AF in STEM Black Birders Week as one of our strategic partner support programs.” — Paul Pickett, chief development officer and executive vice president of franchising, Wild Birds Unlimited

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